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WP7 App(s) Launch: 6 x new Apps with FMRadio

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Another batch of new Windows Phone 7 apps have just been submitted for certification (hopefully should be published to Marketplace sometime in the next 24-48 hrs).  This will bring the mobilewares WP7 app catalogue up to 16 published apps.

The new apps are designed to work with your phone’s internal FM Radio – allowing you to quickly locate available radio stations in your area (from an inbuilt database contain radio station frequencies, names, genre and transmitter information). You can also mark your favorite stations as presets (for easy retrieval) – or view/filter the stations by type.

au3  au6  au4


The app(s) also allow you to add custom FM stations – which is really useful if you need to regularly tune into to stations at your local gym (ie. for watching TV sets), university/college or elsewhere..

There’s a specific app designed for each of 6 different countries/regions (more to come including the US) – and currently the offerings include (click links to go to the specific product pages) :


ApplicationIcon AU FMRadio
Supports a massive inbuilt catalogue of 1800+ stations from around Australia.
ApplicationIcon CA FMRadio
Supports a massive inbuilt catalogue of 480+ English and French stations from around Canada.
ApplicationIcon HK FMRadio
Supports a large inbuilt catalogue FM stations from various transmitters around Hong Kong – plus stations you can also receive from nearby Mainland China and Maccau.
ApplicationIcon NZ FMRadio
Supports all the known FM Radio stations from across New Zealand – including popular music and indigenous Maori stations.
ApplicationIcon SG FMRadio
Supports a inbuilt catalogue of all the FM stations from Singapore + nearby stations in Indonesia and Malaysia (receivable in Singapore).
ApplicationIcon UK FMRadio
Supports a massive inbuilt catalogue of 3800+ stations from around United Kingdom – including England, Wales, Scotland, and Nth Ireland.


The apps support a common slick/theme aware UI (which adapts itself to the particular theme you have set your phone to use) – including using the accent color to  colorize your digital frequency viewer (light/dark theme supported too) :

hk1   uk1 sg4

You can also tilt the phone sideways (into landscape mode) – to get an uber cool interactive radio frequency slider – which supports WP7 flicks/gestures to slide your way up and down the dial to available frequencies :



The apps are will be available shortly for purchase or for trial (with limited functionality – but allowing you to fully test out the features).  Pricing various for app to app (to suit the individual markets) – ranging from USD$0.99 to USD$1.99.

Enjoy – and look for even more apps coming soon!


Written by mobilewares

February 20, 2011 at 11:13 pm