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2014 AU Windows Phone Download/Purchase Stats

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Back last year I blogged about what types of devices were using my 2013 sports Apps – and noticed a few interesting trends which helped me plan better for this year’s releases. Summary of that post was :  a) Nearly everyone has Nokia handsets  b) over 56% of those users had 920’s  c) approx. 80% were using WP8 handsets   d) <5% were using Budget WP handsets.

A couple of weeks ago I launched my Aussie focused 2014 sports apps – AU Footy 2014 for AFL fans  and AU League 2014 for NRL Fans.  These apps have (thankfully) again been big hits in the Australian Windows Phone Marketplace – currently  they are the top 2 paid Apps on Marketplace (AU League held #1 spot for first few days as their season started earlier – and then AU Footy has snagged the #1 spot since then) – on the Spotlight page of (Web) Marketplace where it shows the top 6 paid Apps/Games overall including XBLive – they are at #3 + #6 place – with footy out-downloading the original Angry Birds game.  </brag>

Crunching some numbers

Now, with a couple of weeks of good/steady sales under my belt – I’m starting to get enough numbers to do some interesting analysis on what devices people are using, and what their purchase habits are (that’s the bit where I actually get paid). Based on last year’s sales – the sample size is large enough to represent what I can expect to see for rest of season – only shifts may be some early adopters of the new / to be released devices (which likely won’t be on sale here for quite a few months at least).

% of Downloads + Purchases per Device

This table (below) was taken by analysing all the RM-XXX manufacturer numbers coming up in my logs, for those who had downloaded/launched either AU Footy 2014 or AU League 2014 .  This of course means devices not made by Nokia are not represented here at all – but since this time around it appears just about everyone (98%+) appearing in the stats are Nokia Lumia owners – I just ignored the others for simplicity.  I’ve of course (for commercial sensitivity) also not mentioned any exact volumes – only percentages (as compared to other devices).

I’ll explain what devices belong in which ‘Device Category’ in more detail in next section – however the other columns on this table highlight : firstly how downloads (inc Trial + Paid) are split across different devices,  then similarly how Purchases (Paid Versions) are split across devices – and then a percentage which represents what % of downloaders on that device bought the paid version of the app (perhaps the most interesting stat for me).

The Overall Purchase % figure in table footer represents what % of downloaders of these apps actually bought the Paid version – 74.7% – a figure which I’m pretty happy with. 8)

Again (fairly consistent) with last year’s stats – Lumia 920’s make up the lions share of devices (40%) with the newer enhanced models (other ‘High End’ category devices) taking some of their numbers away (such as Lumia 925, 928 + 1020).  Also consistent with last year is that the users in this category (High End), also happen to be the best customers – the ones who pay for the app (rather than just evaluating or using the Trial version).

% of Downloads + Purchases per Device Category

This table rolls up the above figures into %’s per category. Of course, what devices belong in what category is probably up for a lot of debate – however my view was that the Lumia 5xx/6xx were considered ‘Budget’ (low resolution, low price, lower memory),  the Lumia 7xx/8xx devices were ‘Mid Range’ (low resolution, mid range prices) and then remaining devices were ‘High End’ (HD resolution/premium hw, larger/better screen technology, faster cpu’s and of course highest prices to own).  If you look at what devices are being released/announced over past 6 months and immediate future – it’s clear to see that Nokia is very much focusing on High End + Budget devices.


From analysing the figures by category – it’s clear that users of my Apps seem to be predominantly using high end devices – with the budget devices making a small splash  (only 17% of recorded devices). Availability / lack of new ‘Mid Range’ devices from Nokia of course means this category is shrinking quite a lot.

Particularly interesting again for me is being able to see where the actual purchases are coming from – with 78% of those being users with High End devices (where 80.8% of these users who downloaded the Apps purchased them).  Even though the Budget category made up 17% of all App downloads – only 54.5% of those resulted in a purchase – meaning only 13% of my revenue from these Apps come from Budget devices.

These sort of (low Budget) numbers really puts things in perspective for me when I’m wondering how much additional time/effort to devote during development optimizing the App for these lower power/resolution devices. It also helped me decide whether to optimize the UX for those with small/low resolution screens (ie. large UI elements / less information) vs decent sized HD displays – something that played a big part in the new landing page redevelopment (which packs a LOT of information into a single pivot).

Looking at these numbers from a Average Revenue per device/category perspective – Apps are AUD$2.99 – which means I get paid ~$2.09 per sale (not including any of my running/licensing costs of course which take a very large bite out of what ends up in my pocket).    Users of High End devices bring me ~$1.69 per App, users of Mid Range ~$1.40 – and then users with Budget devices are the lowest (least profitable) at ~$1.14 per App.  These figures are probably consistent with what you’d expect too – someone spending smaller amounts on their device (or plan) are also probably going to spend less on Apps too.

Reality Check

Of course there’s some important things to note when digesting these stats.

Firstly – these are sales/downloads of Sports apps – and may or may not accurately represent the overall market or demographics of those buying different categories of devices (%’s for games + social apps may be quite different – as they may target a much younger audience less likely to afford high end devices). I like to think that the Aussie sports (particularly AFL) is something that is equally enjoyed regardless of gender, age or socioeconomic status of users – but would need to see figures like these for other types of Apps to really confirm this.

Also, these are figures from the first 2 weeks of sales – so it’s also fair to say that early adopters (who tend to flock to high end devices) are also those more likely to be monitoring marketplace, twitter and other places to find out about new apps and hence more likely to discover/download them a lot faster.

Additionally, given these apps are WP8 only – it’s also fair to estimate that some reasonable percentage of the ‘Budget’ device audience is also still using WP7 handsets (and hence aren’t represented here at all).

There was a lot of noise from Microsoft over past 12 months in regards to the huge new revenue opportunities for WP developers due to greater market share from available budget devices. I’m again very sceptical that this is true for the Australian marketplace – well at least for the sort of Apps I make – it’s certainly not appearing to make a huge impact on my sales at all.  That being said, if you’re producing free apps (with ad based revenue) or freemium (addon based revenue) – then the figures again may look quite different.


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