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WP7 App Launch : AU Video.OD (streaming Video + WebTV for Australians)..

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(Yet another) brand new product has just been published to the WP7 Marketplace called ‘AU Video.OD’.

This time it’s an App dedicated to bringing you streaming Video On Demand + live WebTV direct to your Windows Phone 7 (in awesomely hi-res quality) – and brings the WP7 app range up to 19 products.

As the name suggests (the AU bit at least) – the app is primarily focused on Australian content (although has a smattering of quality o/s content) – so you won’t be wasting time watching low bitrate foreign language news from the Ukraine (as seems to be the go on many of the other video apps out there on other platforms).

AU Video.OD is built on the same engine used for the previously released AU + UK Newswire Apps – but enhanced somewhat to work directly with full screen live/streaming video and provides a more media rich front end browser. 


SplashScreenImage   vau1   vau3

The App (as pictured above and further below) – provides a couple of different types of sources of content :

One of these is the awesome collection of online streaming video provided by Australia’s ABCTV (and a couple of other parties) – including latest/previous full length episodes of over 20+ shows (ie. The Movie Show, Good Game, At the Movies, Q&A, Poh’s Kitchen, Media Watch etc) – plus latest selected segments from other current affairs/news shows like 7:30 report and Lateline/Lateline Business (which is handy if you’re just after a particular story or interview). 

The ABCTV streaming quality is simply awesome – it’s fast, hi-res, full screen – and no buffering (if you’re internet connection is half decent). The other great thing (apart from there being 100’s if not 1000’s of hours of content) – is that it’s all updated daily as new episodes are screened – so there will be always something to watch.

The other source of content is from live WebTV streams – such as 6 live tv channels from BigPond (which I think are the same ones that T-Box users get – such as News, Sports News, AFL, NRL etc) – plus other international channels like BSkyB News UK, Nasa TV etc.  These live channels are handy to have available – particularly when there’s live breaking news (such as last few days from the terrible earthquake in Japan).

Please note that all video is very good quality and pretty high bandwidth – so it’s recommended you use this app when you have a wireless connection (home, office etc) – or you ensure you have a very large 3g mobile plan (with several gb’s).

The screenshots above / and below give you some more ideas on the types of content you’ll have available.

vau2  vau5  vau6


Anyhow – AU Video.OD is available right now from the Music & Videos section (or within a couple of hours if you’re marketplace app is caching old data) – for just USD$1.99 – or AUD$3.00 (when converted using the Marketplace exchange rate).


If you’re reading this on a Windows Phone 7 – or you have Zune client installed – click this link below to go straight to the app (so you can install/purchase it):


And in other news…

Additionally – I’m also happy to announce that AU Newswire was a ‘runner up’ in the Microsoft Australia Dev vs Dev competition (results announced today) – and I’ll shortly be the proud owner of a 2nd HTC Mozart device.

Big congratulations are in order to the other runners-up and winner (whom I’m extremely jealous of given they won a totally awesome trip to Mix11 in Las Vegas) – and thanks to Microsoft AU for running the comp!


Written by mobilewares

March 17, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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  1. Hi Niall,

    This is some great work, however i’m sure the Folks that own Media Centers are wondering if you are abandoning MC for WP7 because there is more Money to be made?
    It’s probably not the case, im sure WP7 is a lot easier to develop on than MC.
    If you can create a streaming app for ABC online content for WP7, is there any chance of porting and modifying the interface to work on MC too?
    I’m sure a lot of Media Center fans would love to see a dedicated IVIEW MC Application, it is clearly missing and much needed for MC users.

    Once again, well done, i remember visiting your first Website and downloading Weather for Mediacenter XP all those years ago.

    Andrew innes

    April 3, 2011 at 8:40 pm

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I’m not sure if you’re aware – but the Media Center App I released a few years back called ‘Big Screen Headlines 2’ will do something very similar to this. (it also allows you to add in any custom rss media feeds such as these so you can have vodcasts, podcasts and other sources in there).

    In terms of favoring WP7 over Media Center platform for future development – yes this is definitely the case. Unfortunately Microsoft never allowed any companies such as mine to have any chance whatsoever in making a reasonable living off Media Center products – primarly because we were denied access to the online spotlight section – and hence made it next to impossible to reach mainstream audiences.

    Similarly the failure of the Media Center platform as a whole to gain traction also meant most other large companies (particularly those in Au/NZ) didn’t want a bar of it. I believe ABC were actually vaguely interested in bringing iView to Media Center a while back – but then other platforms like PS3 were a much better idea.

    Luckily Apple took the plunge with the iPhone App store and showed everyone how treating 3rd party developers seriously (ie. understanding they actually needed discoverability and a proper centralized infrastructure to sell products) – was not only a highly profitable scenario for everyone – but it made the platform hugely successful due to the apps being available (and Microsoft copied them for Windows Phone 7).

    I love the Microsoft dev tools (and WP7 is fantastic) – but am eternally gratefull to Apple for changing the landscape and making developing apps like mine viable. Media Center could have really been a great platform that evolved like what we saw happen with iPhone (due to apps) – but very narrowminded and arrogant/snobby management ensured no such thing would ever happen.


    April 3, 2011 at 9:46 pm

  3. Hi there, I installed this app to watch Bloomberg tv on my mobile, but I think the international feeds are broken and these channels don’t play. can you look into it please.

    if it works, the concept of this app is great


    February 26, 2013 at 9:57 am

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