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Annoucement : byRemote WP7 Launched + FREE byRemote Server (Basic Edition)!

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I’m proud to announce that the final version of Big Screen byRemote for Windows Phone 7 was submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace this morning for certification – and should hopefully be available for Trial and Purchase in time for the global Handset launch next week (Oct 21 in Europe/Asia/AU/NZ).

Secondly – I’m also happy to announce that the v1.0 ‘Basic Edition’ of Big Screen byRemote (the bit you install on Windows 7 Media Center) – to be launched shortly – will be made available completely FOR FREE with no expiry date! (as in free beer, free food etc).

The ‘Basic Edition’ will contain most of the functionality you are getting right now in the Beta version (with a few minor limitations/exclusions – but no show stoppers) – and will be all that is required if you want to run the Windows Phone 7 client (or other native mobile clients which may appear in future) – plus will offer the Silverlight 4 browser client and XHTML Mobile editions. Over the coming months – I also intend to launch a ‘Pro Edition’ for purchase which will contain some new and exciting features (plus no limitations) – and will be optionally available for purchase . 

  Pictured Above : Big Screen byRemote for Windows Phone 7 Main Hub…


Pricing Information

As mentioned – since the Host Server (Basic Edition) is going to be made available for free (and all you require to run the WP7 client) – it’s intended that users will be asked to pay a small amount for the native mobile clients (when purchasing via the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace). The initial price for the Windows Phone 7 version will be set to be USD$4.99 – which can be installed on up to 5 devices which share a Windows Live account (note : the 5 device per login limitation is that which is enforced by Marketplace).  I’m still getting my head around how the pricing gets converted to other currencies – but I believe this is around EURO4.50. 

A (non expiring) Trial version will also be available on Windows Phone Marketplace – and will allow you to preview all the functionality you will get (but restricts what channels you can view / and limits the scheduling capabilities to your first 3 channels).

Also – for those who haven’t been keeping up with the WP7 press launch – when purchasing from Windows Marketplace (on WP7) – you should be able to either use your credit card (and will be processed by Microsoft) – or you can charge the purchase directly to your phone bill (nb: this second option is carrier dependant – so may not be available in some cases).

Pricing for the ‘Pro Edition’ of the Server will be decided at a later date as feature set is finalized (but should be a very reasonable/cheap price).


Enhanced Windows Phone 7 features (since the previous video)

The actual WP7 client has been substantially improved/reworked since the video I posted a couple of weeks ago (of it running on the prototype Samsung Taylor device which I’d only had for less than 24 hours at the time). This ranges in changes to the look and feel of the UX (including flows such as what information is presented where) – and was made to feel more like the other bundled apps you get with your WP7 device. Some of the major changes in the final version include the What’s On tiles on the main hub, grouping of the child pages (like now showing/by channel) into single pages with Pivots and single data fetch (and similar for most of the other functionality), jump lists in results (similar to the a-z indexing you get in WP7 contacts view) – plus a substantially improved data fetching and tombstoning mechanism.  I also realized I’d gone a bit overkill on some of the page flipping animations (which was out of kilter with the other WP7 apps) – so this has been santized somewhat too (and works much better).

I’ll get around to posting an updated video over the next few days of the final client (probably running on the emulator as I now need to wait until I can buy a launch model next week) – but please find some screenshots below to get a better idea of what the final version looks like :




I’ll also post some more information on the Big Screen byRemote  Host Server final version – when it’s available for download (coming very shortly)!…


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October 13, 2010 at 11:51 pm

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