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Last week Microsoft Live Spaces team decided they were going to close down their blogging system – and offered everyone a free migration accross to wordpress. I took them up on this offer – and after a few days of hiccups (my blog would have come up as not accessible for almost 5 days) – it’s now all up and running.

Anyhow – incase you’ve arrived here through a redirect – the new URL’s are as follows :

This blog :

RSS Feed :

All previous links to posts (that had the original spaces url) – should also be now redirecting to the related posts on this blog too. (let me know if they aren’t).

One of the great things about moving to wordpress (and all the awesomeness the system brings in new features, tracking etc) – is that there is a decent and working spam/filtering system on here for comments.  Although I’m still cleaning up the mess from the spaces system (we are talking over 5000+ spam comments posted on this blog prior to me having to disable comments altogether in frustration a few months back) – I’ve so far gotten rid of about 2000 of them – and hope to have the remained removed over the next few days.

So that means you (should) be able to post comments on here (and previous posts) – and utilize what this blog was meant to be about in the first place – a conversation with you (the public). 

Please note that in the short term I will have comment moderation switched on (until I fully get my head around what I can do with filtering out spam) – so if you comment – please give me a short while to get in and allow it to be displayed. I think the way it works is that once you’ve been ok’d then it will allow further posting without moderation. (again still figuring all this out).

Anyhow hope to get a little more time for blogging – and watch this space for more news on the mobilewares Media Center products – plus I will also be launching a bunch of Windowsphone 7 apps over coming months too (and announcing them here)!…

Also as before – please visit to download, try and buy the latest software I’ve released.


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October 4, 2010 at 1:41 am

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