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Ok looks like wordpress and MS spaces team got the migration working now – so see below for all my previous posts.

So as you might of heard – Microsoft has decided to phase out the Windows Live spaces system and graciously ‘offered’ to migrate everyone onto wordpress.  I stress the word ‘offered’ – as when I took them up on this things didn’t quite go to plan. Now several days later post ‘migration’ – over 4 years of posts, comments, images, and stats from my windows live spaces blog has been lost misplaced ermm…. suffered from a ‘migration issue’..

Windows Live spaces support team have assured me they have pointed all their fingers at WordPress – who in turn have assured me they’ve so far looked under the couch, behind the tv and at grandma’s house – but still there’s no sign of my blog posts.

In the meantime (while wordpress go and check the lost property at the local primary school) – to fill in the time and get into the spirit of finding things which have been lost misplaced ermm. suffered from a ‘migration issue’.. – please help find Wally in the picture below. (and see if you can do it in less time than it takes WordPress and Microsoft Live support teams to locate 4 years worth of my blog posts…)

Where's Wally?



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September 30, 2010 at 8:49 pm

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