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Big Screen byRemote Windowsphone7 Sneak Peek Video (on Prototype WP7 Device)

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On the weekend I was lucky enough to get hold of a Windowsphone7 prototype for a short loan (big thanks to Microsoft AU). Luckily I’d had access to the Windowsphone7 RTM SDK for a little while before that – so was able to take my big screen byRemote for Windowsphone7 client app for a testdrive almost straight away.

Here’s a short quick and dirty video (with some music which isn’t mine) of it running below (taken on a panasonic lumix digital camera).  Please note that the device (a Samsung ‘Taylor’) is only a prototype and running a beta of Windowsphone7 O/S – so it does not represent the final product – nor does it represent a final form factor for a WP7 device (that being said it runs very very nicely). Similarly the App layout/flow may change somewhat still before final release.


I also decided yesterday to pull out the SIM from my iPhone 3G yesterday – and use this phone for real (for the short time I have it at least). Although the O/S is still in beta (and the tens of thousands of pending apps to make it fly aren’t yet available) – I have to confess I’m totally in love with this device (perhaps it was even love at first sight) – and it will be a sad few weeks/months in between giving this prototype back to Microsoft and being able to buy a real one from an Australian Carrier. 

The o/s is already incredibly zippy and fast to use (even in prototype) – and I love the way it integrates all your social networking stuff into the one place (ie. I can view my facebook, windows live and phone contacts and news feeds all in one pivot menu).  The inbuilt camera is great too – both for still shots and videos – and best yet since this is prototype hw – that will only get better and more powerful.

I’m still setting up the Zune s/w and the synching (haven’t yet figured out how to push my outlook contacts to the device) – but the ability to synch wirelessly (bluetooth and 802b?) – AND from remote location is a great feature – as I really hated having to load up iTunes and plug my iPhone into the PC each time I wanted to get some content on there.

When I had to get some stuff off my iPhone3G last night after using this for a day – it was truly a painful experience (although do note to be fair that it’s a 2 yr old 3G model and not an iPhone4 which I assume is quite a bit snappier).

Anyhow I think Microsoft are onto a total winner with Windowsphone7 – and is not just a huge win for software developers (of which the whole end to end experience is just sublime in comparison to doing iPhone dev) – but it’s a really usable and sexy device for consumers – and hopefully will make it a success in the marketplace.

If you’ve read my blog in the past – you will know that I’ve long pined for a mobile phone which allowed for Silverlight based apps – so for me at least all my xmas’s have come at once.


Written by mobilewares

September 19, 2010 at 9:09 pm

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