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Sneak Peek : byRemote native(?) client for Windowsphone 7 + Windows 7 Media Center

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Something I’ve been working away at in the background is the Windowsphone 7 client for byRemote for Windows 7 Media Center.  The client runs as a (native?) Silverlight4 based Windowsphone7 application (so can be launched as a first class citizen from the Windowsphone 7 main menu) – and hopefully it will make it’s way to the windowsphone store at some point.

Similarly to the byRemote Silverlight 4 client for Desktops – all metadata displayed is downloaded as compressed/raw data from the byRemote server on your 7MC machine (so it uses a very tiny amount of bandwidth – and caches stuff as needed) – and then the client app then works it’s magic on the uncompressed metadata once it hits the phone.  (so this is not just a browser app like the existing XHTML/IUI clients currently available in byRemote beta).

NB: As I don’t yet actually have one of these devices yet (not even a prototype… <sigh>) – all work is being done on the emulators/windowsphone 7 dev tools provided by Microsoft. (and I’m not yet clear when the devices will actually be available in Australia – but given the October launch in Europe I’m hoping really soon).  My iPhone 3G 2 yr contract expired this month too – so looking forward to making the switch when it’s out.

Anyhow – here’s a bunch of screenshots of it running (on emulator) – with the panorama/pivot based main menu through to some of the drill down pages.  I’ll do a youtube video of it in action soon (when it’s a little more polished – like having backgrounds etc).  Click the pics to get a larger version..

image image  image image

 image image image image

I will aim to release it to the public closer to when some devices are actually on sale… (and closer to when byRemote reaches final version)..

stay tuned….


Written by mobilewares

August 14, 2010 at 4:55 am

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