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Big Screen EPG v1.0b ‘Interim Beta’ Released

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A new ‘beta’ version of Big Screen EPG (v1.0b) has now been released and is available for download by all registered users from the Big Screen EPG Download Page.

The new release fixes some reported issues from v1.0a (final release) – and adds support for the new BSEPG XMLTV episode-num scheme (developed for use with Freeview Aust/NZ MHEG5 + Aust/NZ/UK OpenTV XMLTV data produced by new version of *‘EPG Collector‘).

Note that this version is marked as a ‘beta’ (interim) release – and it’s recommended that you only install this if either the fixed bugs impact you – or you are using the new *’EPG Collector’ version (V2.0.16) and wish to utilize the new BSEPG EpisodeID system.

*At time of this posting – this new required version of ‘EPG Collector’ is not yet available from the public site – but the authors have advised it will be made available very soon.

V1.0B (Interim Beta Release) : 13/JUL/2010 – Release Notes

  • NEW: Supports New XMLTV EpisodeID System ‘bsepg-epid’ introduced for using MHEG5/OpenTV based xmltv data scraped with the ‘EPG Collector’ tool (and others which conform to this new scheme). This new tool outputs OTA (Over The Air) EPG Data delivered as part of the custom MHEG5 Interactive Application and ‘OpenTV’ EPG Formats – available in countries such as Australia (Freeview and OpenTV), New Zealand (Freeview, OpenTV), and UK (OpenTV). Depending on which implementation you are using these new feeds may optionally deliver internal Unique Series and Episode ID’s, Episode Titles and cleaner data then what is normally transmitted over EIT equivelents.

    In order to enable output of this new series/episode field with ‘EPG Collector’ tool – you should use the option ‘Option:USEBSEPG’ in the ‘EPG Collector.ini’ file (as by default it will not be output). Then you will need to add new feed as a new provider and nominate the ‘BSEPG’ unique series and program matching options.

    Note that v2.0.16 or greater of ‘EPG Collector’ is required for this to work – and can be obtained (soon) from

    Important Note : It’s recommended you should do a full MCE EPG Database Reset if switching to using this new series/episode matching system if previously using another matching setting (or at bare minimum delete all scheduled recordings) – as old redundant data may cause issues.

    >> Please see Addenum Documentation section in Release Notes for more information on the ‘bsepg-epid’ xmlt_ns scheme.

  • ENHANCED: Updated ‘Scheduled Task Manager’ Dialog so that a custom DomainUserName can be entered. Previous versions hardcoded this value to the currently logged in User (on local domain) – however did not allow for a network domain account to be specified. If using different username to the one that is prepopulated – please ensure you fully test your schedule tasks and ensure the user has all the appropriate permissions in place to run Big Screen EPG as a scheduled task (and appropriate permissions to access the Media Center DLL’s/EPG Database).
  • FIXED: Channel ‘Auto Genre’ Settings (in Configuration Tool) were not persisting changes made to the ‘Flags’ such as (isMovie, isNews etc) after making changes.
  • FIXED: XMLTV Parsing on <video> and <audio> elements was skipping over secondary elements during parsing – and hence if multiple child elements were supplied (ie. ‘quality’ and ‘aspect’ in single node) – not all metadata was being used.

Upgrading to v1.0b from v1.0a (and Reverting back to v1.0a)

If you are Upgrading from v1.0a (Final) release – you can simply run this new v1.0b Setup Package – and it will automatically upgrade your existing v1.0a installation (there is no need to manually uninstall v1.0a beforehand as setup package will do everything for you).

If you installed v1.0b and for some reason you WANT TO REVERT BACK TO v1.0a – it’s very important that you do the following before reinstalling v1.0a (otherwise your configuration may be lost).

1. Backup your ‘importsettings.xml’ file (located in ‘%ProgramData%Big ScreenEPG’) in case of any data loss.

2. Remove any XMLTV Providers which use the new ‘BSEPG Series/EpisodeID’ Matching Settings (as these will not work in v1.0a and will prevent the configuration file from being loaded).

3. Uninstall v1.0b from your machine (via Control Panel) – and then reinstall v1.0a.


As per previous releases – please visit the BSEPG support subforum at : if you wish to provide feedback or discuss any of the new features.


Written by mobilewares

July 14, 2010 at 5:49 am

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