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Big Screen EPG v1.0 (Final Release) Launched

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Today the final release (that’s v1.0a) of Big Screen EPG  for Windows 7 Media Center was launched on the  website.

I decided to do an official ‘press release’ for this product – which I’ve included below – so you can read that for more information on the pricing/features etc – or go and visit the Big Screen EPG product site (and read about it, register for a 30 day trial, download the product and/or purchase it if you feel so inclined).

It’s (the final release) been a long time coming – with the original beta (v0.1) being released way back at the end of January 2009 (when Windows 7 had just reached ‘Beta 2’ milestone) – and various beta’s (v0.3x and v0.4x series – over 10 interim releases) appearing through that year. By end of 2009 the product was quite stable – and an v0.9a  update was launched in April (mainly to update the TV Series metadata) to get beta users through to the final release launched today. 

Apart from all the many late nights spent coding this product – the real hero’s behind this product has without doubt been the thousands of beta users from around the globe who made this the product it is today. There’s been a tremendous amount of feedback, excitement, bug reports and suggestions coming from users both via email and via the support forum on (and without adding it all up – I think the subforum has had 1000’s of posts and somewhere over 150,000 page views since it was opened for the original beta). This sort of feedback has been a huge driver in helping make this product work for the numerous types of TV Services, xmltv data sources, different languages etc. etc – that I wouldn’t have been able to do without (as I only have a simple DVB-T setup here) – and of course the many end user ideas/suggestions that were then turned into product features.

So for those of you that were active (and vocal) on the beta program I want to extend a big thank you! for helping make this product possible!


and now for the press release….


mobilewares launches Big Screen EPG for Windows® 7® Media Center

Big Screen EPG brings the full Windows 7 Media Center EPG Experience to global users.

Melbourne, Australia. June 22nd, 2010. P/L officially launched the final version of Big Screen EPG for Microsoft Windows® 7® Media Center earlier today – allowing Media Center users from around the world to unlock and customize the complete set of Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and PVR Scheduling features in Windows® 7®.

The beta version of Big Screen EPG (launched in 2009) has already been a huge success with thousands of global Media Center enthusiasts – who were previously either unable to utilize the full set of rich EPG services offered by Microsoft to US Media Center users – or wanted the ability to include and customize additional TV Services that had not been catered for. In January of 2010, Big Screen EPG was voted “Best Commercial Application for Windows Media Center” in 2009 awards.

For the Big Screen EPG final release – consumers are offered a number of licensing options – ranging from a non-expiring ‘free’ version – through to a subscription version which offers the full set of features the product provides as well as ongoing product updates. As part of the launch – consumers can purchase the subscription version for USD$19.95 for a 2 Year ‘Family License’ (which allows it to be used on up to 5 machines in a single household) – bringing them the product for as low as USD$2.00 per machine/per year. Other commercial and OEM licensing options are also available on request to companies and institutions wishing to offer employees and customers the product.

Some of the core features Big Screen EPG brings users include :-

  • Ability to import rich EPG data from any combination of XMLTV based data sources – and assign them to any Free-to-Air and PayTV Services available inside Media Center – including Terrestrial/Satellite/Cable based Digital TV (such as ATSC, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C), Analog/CCTV Channels (PAL/NTSC/Secam) as well as IPTV Services.
  • Allows use of custom Channel Logos which are displayed within the Media Center EPG.
  • Intelligent and Sophisticated Unique Program and TV Series detection features – allowing for more reliable and powerful scheduled recording in Media Center.
  • Automatic Series Matching and Metadata import (with inbuilt database of over 20,000+ ‘known’ TV Series) – which injects TV Series Artwork, Star-Ratings and other rich programme information.
  • Works with Multi-Lingual EPG metadata – including support for non-latin and DBCS character sets such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Thai and others.
  • Enables Media Center’s inbuilt Parental Controls and Classifications, and allows customization of Genres and other enhanced metadata.

Big Screen EPG also provides a multitude of other features allowing users full control over their EPG metadata in Media Center – which can be configured and managed via the included configuration tools.

“We are really proud to be reaching the final release milestone for Big Screen EPG – which has been in beta since the pre-release versions of Windows 7 in 2009.” states Niall Ginsbourg – CEO of “The feedback and excitement from thousands of beta participants around the world has been truly remarkable – and has helped shape this product into something which reflects the needs and desires of global Media Center users. We look forward to bringing the full Windows Media Center EPG experience to many more users – and will continue to roll out new features for subscribers over the coming months.“

Big Screen EPG is the fifth commercial product to be launched to consumers as part of the ‘Big Screen’ product range for Windows Media Center – which currently includes ‘Big Screen Weather’, ‘Big Screen Headlines’, ‘Big Screen Contacts’ and ‘Big Screen Photos’ – which operate as 10 foot addin’s to Media Center. An additional product ‘Big Screen by Remote’ was also launched to beta users earlier this year -and allows users to remotely access and interact with their Media Center EPG’s via Desktop (Silverlight) and Mobile web browsers.

About is a company focused on development of products for Windows 7 + Vista Media Center, and also offers custom development services for Windows based platforms to corporate clients. was formed in 2003 and since then has developed numerous leading edge applications targeting new platforms and devices both internally and for other leading brands.

To learn more, visit


Written by mobilewares

June 22, 2010 at 7:36 am

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