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Big Screen EPG v0.9a (beta) Released

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I’m happy to announce Big Screen EPG v0.9a has just been launched – and is available for download at the Big Screen EPG download page.  This is the first update in a while (since the reasonably stable v0.4g release back in November last year) – and adds a bunch of new features.

You will note that I previously indicated (in the xpmediacenter forums) this would be the v1.0 (beta) release – however since I ended up adding a lot more new things to the product (which of course may need patches etc) – I decided v0.9 was a better version name (until I’m 100% confident all new features are stable).

Anyhow without further ado – here’s a list of the new/enhanced and fixed items for this release :

  • New : New ‘Preset Feeds’ Option (and downloadable catalog) of XMLTV Feeds in ‘Add Provider Wizard’ – makes it easy to find and configure feeds you don’t know about. Australia (and NZ) users should be happy with the initial feeds listed in here – and big win for Aussies is the inclusion of gotkid’s Shepherd feeds (which are auto discoverable and gzipped for your downloading pleasure). Also note that IceTV are still supported – but are now relegated to the bottom of the preset feed list (and don’t have a direct add provider wizard option anymore).
  • New : BSEFixTool (previously seperate tool) is now embedded into Big Screen EPG Processing (and can be nominated to run automatically while processing XMLTV files).
  • New : Automatic support for .gz (gzip) compressed files with on the fly decompression (server does not need to support HTTP compression – only needs to host files).
  • New : Genre/Sub-Genre XML ‘Translation’ File support – allows you to provide Non English Genre Names Mapping file which then uses these Genre/Sub-Genre names when importing to Media Center (ie. so you can have Genre’s in German, French, Spanish, Swahili etc).
  • New : Context Sensitive Help File now fully Integrated with the Configuration Tool.
  • Fixed : Detects invalid XMLTV Program Guide Entries which have same Start/Stop Time (and would cause import to fail).
  • Fixed : Enhanced Auto Correction of corrupted XMLTV which has overlapping start/stop times across various programs (and was throwing out start times in subsequent entries). Note that this has been a big issue lately with the rubbish xmltv data being produced by IceTV over past couple of weeks (so thanks to them for the lousy quality data to help me detect and fix this new bug).
  • Enhanced : Inbuilt Series Database updated with even more new shows (yes there’s artwork for Underbelly 3 now too!)
  • Enhanced/Fixed : Scanning for Channels in Toggle Inband Scheduled Data should now suppress channels which have been deleted.
  • Enhanced/Fixed : User Stats Processing made more efficient/accurate.
  • Enhanced : Big Documentation Update (in Help File)
    : Includes New Troubleshooting Sections for resolving common problems.
    : Includes Includes more screenshots and step-by-step guides. (ie. Customizing Tasks)
    : Includes ‘Where do I get XMLTV files from FAQ section’
  • Expiry Date Extended to 1-July-2010 (check for latest information on expiry dates).
  • Please Note : the same previously used install directory (Big Screen EPG v0.4) will remain the same on this version so existing users who have scheduled tasks setup will not be broken.
  • and some mindless trivia…. : This new version was compiled on the final release of Visual Studio 2010 – which at compilation time had launched about 5 hours earlier (so probably one of the first products in the world to be done with this). 8)… Note that I’m using .NET v3.5 still for this product (not v4 as I didn’t want to upset too many people with framework updates).

and now for a couple of screenshots….

– since a few people have been asking what the new Preset Feed(s) and Discovery functions was all about – the pictures below show the new Add Provider Wizard start page (pictured left) – and then the ‘Preset Provider’ page (which is shown if you select the presets option). The basic idea is that the list of Countries, Providers and Regions is dynamically populated from live XML metadata files (hosted on and other 3rd party provider sites – and will be updated in future)  – and the end result being you can ‘discover’ and easily include feeds without having to know the actual URL’s for them (or know the provider existed). The new release also supports downloading of .gz compressed files (and decompresses them on the fly) – so your download times (and bandwidth consumption) will be greatly reduced if you have .gz feeds available.

image  image

– The BSEFixTool is now also embedded into this version (no need to run seperate command/script to do this) – and you can enable/disable this easily now inside Big Screen EPG.


– There’s also an updated database of TV Series metadata (with quite a few new series – and some older fixed ones) – and the example below shows series artwork for ‘Underbelly : The Golden Mile’ – which just started in Australia last Sunday.


Anyhow – you can grab the new Big Screen EPG from While you are there – be also check out the new Big Screen EPG product site (added a couple of weeks ago – so it might not have all the v0.9a features listed) – and similarly the Big Screen ‘by Remote’ product site  – which both go into details about the features each product offers – and show off a bunch of screenshots.

Enjoy – and thanks again to everyone who submitted feature request/bug reports to make this new release happen!


Written by mobilewares

April 14, 2010 at 8:04 am

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