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Big Screen ‘By Remote’ v0.5H Released (Major Update)

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A brand new update for Big Screen By Remote (v0.5h) was launched today. There’s a huge amount of new improvements, enhancements and fixes on this release (and quite a few more than mentioned on Friday) .  You can get hold of this latest release by joining the Big Screen EPG Beta program on

  image  image

Please see the list of changes below (its a very BIG list), broken up by section. There’s a few screenshots scattered in there too (click on them to enlarge) – all of these captured from the new ‘OOB’ mode (‘Out of Browser’ / Desktop mode) – available in this release.

Renamed to ‘Big Screen – By Remote’ (to make it clear to end users that app will actually work without Big Screen EPG being installed).

– Expiry Date extended to 1-July-2010 (that’s an extra 3 months!)

Overall Scheduling Enhancements

  • *New* Adds Full Support for Keyword/Wishlist and Manual Recordings (and ability to Remove These)
  • *New* ‘Do Not Record Episode’ Actions for Shows within a Series/Keyword/Manual Request
  • *NEw* Displays all Scheduled Series even if no Upcoming Episodes are Airing
  • (SL) *New* Supports Conflicted and ‘Space Not Available’ Icons/Information for Scheduled Programs

*New* Recorded TV Files Functionality (From Native Media Center DB)

  • (SL/Mobile) Shows List of Recorded TV Files from Server including Primary and Watched Folders
  • (SL/Mobile) Provides ability to Delete Recorded TV File
  • (SL/Mobile) Shows Available Space, Used Space, Quota Calculations for your Primary Recording Folder

*New* ‘OOB’ (Out Of Browser) Mode for Silverlight Client (Allows you to run App from Desktop Icon – See Screenshot Above)

  • (SL) Provides ‘Network’ Connection Dialog so you can connect to multiple servers from single SL Client
  • (SL) Stores/Remembers Last Server Connected plus list of other Servers
  • NB: No Auto Updating Function yet in this release – when new version comes out you will need to remove/reinstate OOB binary


(SL) General Improvements

  • *New* Full Screen / Browser Mode Toggle to use App in Full Screen. (NB: Keyword unavailable in full screen).
  • *New* Allows you to connect to any By Remote Server without reloading SL Client.

(SL) EPG Grid Enhancements

  • *Fixed* Now Shows Correct List of Channels (with additional/unwanted channels from DVBLink/TVSource not showing)
  • *Fixed* Jumps to same time when changing Channel Blocks
  • *Enhanced* Improved Tooltip display with Recording Information
  • *Enhanced* Channel Block Tooltip showing Start/End Channels when using Blocks of Channels
  • *Enhanced* New Icons and Display of Scheduled Series (all Types), Disk Full, Conflict against Programs
  • *Enhanced* Shows Programs marked for record as a result of Keyword/Wishlist based Requests.


(SL) Advanced Searching Functionality

  • *New* ‘Advanced Search’ functionality to search by various fields/parameters
  • *New* Search by an Actor (where metadata is available inside EPG Database)


(SL) Major ‘Scheduled’ Tab/View Rewrite

  • *New* Uses new Master/Details View instead of popups for viewing Schedule Information (with side by side Panels)
  • *New* Pivots between 3 x Modes (Upcoming, By Request, Series)
  • *New* Displays Series/Program/Movie Artwork when viewing Scheduled Items (In Detail Panel)
  • *New* Displays Advanced Request Specications such as Stop/Start/Channel/Language/RunType Info (in details Panel)
  • *Enhanced* Improved Schedule Item display
  • *Fixed* Shows correct Local Time (was sometimes showing UTC)
  • *New* Supports all recording/series request types
  • *New* As per Scheduling Enhancements – Shows All Request Types, Conflict and Disk Full Status

    image   image

(SL) New ‘Recorded’ Tab to view Recorded TV Files

  • *New* Uses new Master/Details View instead of popups for viewing Recorded TV Files (with side by side Panels)
  • *New* Pivots between viewing ‘By Date’ and viewing ‘By Title’
  • *New* Shows advanced Available Space Graph with HD Space Remaining, Quota Information and Space Used
  • *New* Ability to Delete Recorded TV Files (from Primary and Watched Folders)
  • *New* Shows Recorded TV Show Information, Metadata and Artwork by matching entries with 7MC Database Programs/Series

  image   image


(SL) *Enhanced* Program/Series Information Popup

  • *New* Allows you to click through on ‘Other Airings’ and ‘Other Episodes’ to bring up new program info panel
  • *New* Enhanced display/Actions for new Request Types, Conflict, Disk Space Problems (as per Scheduling Enhancements)
  • *Enhanced* Various other display enhancements like the Other Airings, Other Episodes view.


(Mobile) *Enhanced* Implements many new Functions above in Mobile Client

  • *New* View/Delete Recorded TV Files and view Space Used/Available (3 views)
  • *New* Supports all scheduling types and provides enhanced Actions for managing Scheduled Recordings
  • *Enhanced* Various other improvements bringing in functionality from SL Client.

* Known Issues in this release *

  • Known Problems exist with accessing By Remote Server with Authentication via NAT from Windows Mobile devices (Server may crash for some users)
  • Mobile Client Rendering still needs much work.
  • SL Network Connection Configuration Page a little fiddly to use
  • When Upgrading to new By Remote Version – you will need to uninstall the ‘OOB’ (Out of Browser) and reinstall (No Auto Updates yet)
  • When using OOB client – you need to ensure all servers have matching By Remote release.



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March 22, 2010 at 6:39 am

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