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Updated – Big Screen EPG by Remote v0.5f/g

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Over the last couple of days – there’s been two important revisions released of Big Screen EPG by Remote – v0.5f + v0.5g – which add a large number of new features (including full mobile support + deployment as Windows Service). 

The feature list for these two new releases are as follows :

Big Screen EPG – By Remote v0.5g
Highlight(s) : By Remote is now deployed as a Windows Service (allowing for it to run in background when desktop user is not logged in) – and the Windows Deskop Application now works as a basic ‘Controller’ (for stopping/starting and configuring the service outside of Windows Services control panel). The installer has been enhanced to both install/deploy the Windows Service for you – but also presets the Windows 7 Firewall configuration rules for you (as you won’t get shown the Allow/Block dialog for a Windows Service).

The full release history for v0.5g is :

– *New* Now Deployed as a Windows Service
– *New* Updated Main Controller (Instead of Host)
– *New* Added Firewall Rules to Installer etc.
– *Removed* Startup of Controller with Windows (not 100% necessary as it requires ‘Run As Administrator’ settings). User Can instead launch from Start Menu.

NB: I’ve left the v0.5f version available for download (as well) just in case there is issues with v0.5g (as it is a major change in deployment).


Big Screen EPG – By Remote v0.5f
Hightlight(s) :
Now includes full support for XHTML Mobile Phones (ie. Windows Mobile and other phones not supported by WebKit/iPhone Version) – plus enables full scheduling actions for Mobile (v0.5e was ‘read only’). Additionally – several enhancements/fixes were made to the Silverlight UI (thanks to users for reporting and suggesting these changes).

The full release history for v0.5f is :

– (Mobile) *New* Added XHTML Mobile Client (should work on most smartphones – including iPhone)
– (Mobile) *New* Added Scheduling Actions to iPhone+XHTML Mobile Client.
– (Mobile) *New* Several Improvements to UI
– (SL) *New* Added Description/Summary of Show to Tooltips
– (SL) *New* Added Channel Number for Callsigns in EPG Grid (Previously only with Logos)
– (SL) *New* Added Cancel Series/Program Buttons to Scheduled Items Tab
– (SL) *New* Added Support for Display/Reporting of Conflicted Schedule Items throughout UI
– (SL) *Fix* Added letter ‘L’ to Series Browser
– (SL) *Fix* Fixed URL Encoding issue causing some logos/requests to fail

Please see below for some examples of the XHTML Browser Interface (captured on a PC running IE8 – but should work on most phones) :

     image   image 

     image   image


Written by mobilewares

March 5, 2010 at 10:20 pm

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