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It’s been a while since my last confession blog post – but I aim to do some over the next couple of weeks regarding latest news around the Big Screen Products.

Unfortunately – as you might have noticed – the Microsoft Live Spaces team appear to have all but given up on trying to sort out the problem of spam on Live Spaces – so rather deal with the daily onslaught of spam comments (and spam trackbacks) – I’ve decided to simply disable user comments and trackbacks. This is really disappointing for me – as a blog is supposed to be a 2-way conversation – and not just about me standing upon my soapbox. As such – you’ll notice that previous posts on here have a huge (60+) spam comments against each entry (making it impossible to locate any legitimate user comments) – and while I will try to slowly get rid of the spam buildup – the chunkiness/slowness of the live spaces admin pages make that a really painful process. (and hence not a priority).

As many of you have discovered – there’s a couple of quite active forums on (the Australian Media Center community site) – where end users are able to post questions/feedback etc about the Big Screen products (and where I have been making announcements over past few months) – and I highly recommend that you participate via these as an alternative to posting on here.

There’s currently two sub-forums on the site – depending on what you want to discuss :

… and as before – you can also visit to actually sign-up, download and purchase the Big Screen Products themselves.

In the meantime – I will just use this blog in future to make product announcements and as before share some (1-way) ramblings on other technologies coming out and miscellaneous other stuff I feel the urge to post about.

And since this is (sort-of) a blog here’s my token rant….

Oh – and if you do actually work for the Microsoft Live Spaces team – please give yourself a very big ‘kick up the arse’ (or find someone in the office to do it for you). I think somewhere along the way your team has just completely lost their way – and failing to address the spam issue (which so many other blog systems have sorted) – is a real disappointment to me and many others who invested so much time and effort maintaining blogs on live spaces.  It’s also a real negative for me with regards to investing time/effort in any social networking site Microsoft starts up in the future – as there is now that big dark cloud hanging overhead that at any point MS could decide to cut budgets and abandon ‘<insert social networking site>’ – as seems to have happened with spaces.  As before – with great big social networking sites comes great big responsibilities (or a puppy blog system is for life) – and it’s again a real pity what happened here – because there was just so many different ways these problems could have been countered (and seemingly no proactive steps were taken to tackle it full on – nor was there any way to even provide this feedback to someone who would read it).


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February 8, 2010 at 1:57 am

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