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Launched: Big Screen EPG v0.4

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This past weekend – v0.4 of Big Screen EPG (a 3rd party EPG Importer for Windows 7) was launched to beta testers.

As per previous post – the beta program for this product is now public – so you can signup yourself (via your account) and get started straight away.



This version is a significant enhancement upon previous releases – some highlights including :

  • .MSI Setup Program (with Program Menu/Icons etc for easy setup/configuration – no more messing around with command prompts and windows explorer)
  • Online Registration Wizard – with new expiry date to 1-Sep-09. (v0.3 will expire 1/Jul)
  • Substantially improved (and rewritten) XMLTV Processing Engine – supports lots of new metadata.
  • New processing engine now supports huge EPG feeds (such as those used by US and Canadian users containing 200,000+ programs) – whilst keeping a low memory/cpu footprint.
  • Substantially Enhanced UI with new lots of new features/smarts.
  • Media Center ‘Reset Tool’ Wizard – which clears/resets the Media Center Configuration DB (taking you back to ‘first run’ state in Media Center)
  • Scheduled Tasks Manager – for creating/automating BSE Processing Tasks via Windows Task Scheduler


v0.4 also now utilizes Serial Numbers/Registration as per other Big Screen products (rather than just having a hardcoded expiry date in the executable) – and introduces part of the new licensing model which will be available on the final version of Big Screen EPG.

Determined via your Serial Number – Big Screen EPG will run in one of 4 modes (nb: Not yet finalized) –

–  Trial Version – (Currently hardcoded to expire on Sep-1 – but will likely be extended). In future this trial period will be 30-90 days from  activation (TBD) – and will allow full usage of Big Screen EPG product (without limitations).  Once your Trial has expired – you will now be able to continue using the product in a limited ‘free’ mode – or upgrade to a paid version.

–  *FREE* / ‘Lite’ Version – as indicated – you will be able to use Big Screen EPG for free forever (once trial has expired) – but it will run with ‘reduced’ functionality – such as being restricted to 4 days of guide data, less ‘bling’ (no Series Artwork and other enhanced Metadata such as Actors/Credits) and other restrictions.

‘Standard’ Subscription – allows full usage of Big Screen EPG on 1x Media Center machine for period of subscription (will be offered in 6 month, 1 year and 2 year renewable periods).  Pricing is TBD.  Additional Services such as Remote Recording Management (and other goodies) will also be rolled out soon.

‘Pro’ Subscription – Same features as Standard Versions – but can be run on multiple Media Center machines inside a single residence. (for those hardcore users who have several HTPC’s around the house). Pricing is TBD.

Note that the Paid Subscription services will be introduced/available sometime after Windows 7 Final Version comes out and the current ‘v1’ Big Screen EPG product is finalized.  The Trial Version (and automatic fallback to Free mode once trial expires) is available in the current public v0.4 beta.

Some Screenshots are below ….

New UI – now with a horizontal tab layout
(which is now available via the Start Menu and via Desktop Shortcut). This new layout makes provides a lot more screen realestate



Scheduled Task Manager – automates the creation/management of the scheduled task for processing new EPG data.



Media Center ‘Reset’ Wizard – runs a Media Center Database Reset – with lots of friendly warnings.



Enhanced ‘Add Dummy Channel’ UI – adds default program information for Channels which don’t have EPG Data. The updated version now downloads a list of ‘known’ preset stations from (currently only Australian DVB-T channels appear in this list).


More Advanced Options –  such as the ‘Language Settings’ tab which allows you to specify what your preferred languages are (for XMLTV feeds which has metadata for multiple languages).


Activation/Reverify Wizard –  similar to that featured on the Big Screen products for Media Center – this will activate and ‘reverify’ your serial number with the online server (and latest expiry date/registration details can be set without reinstallation).




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June 9, 2009 at 5:33 am

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