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Rich TV Movie metadata on Windows 7 Media Center (for non US Citizens)…

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In my previous post i mentioned I’d unlocked the ability to load Custom EPG Data (and Channel Logos) in Windows 7 ..

Now (thanks to a tip on the forum from a spanish user) – I’ve also now enabled the automatic Metadata lookup going for movies using custom EPG data (where rich metadata is automatically matched from the AMG webservice) – a luxury normally only available to US (and Canadian?) users. 

In this example below – the movie Sahara is showing on FTA tv tonight in Australia.  I only needed to have the title (and a couple of other fields) enabled – and presto – lots of goodness was downloaded/displayed on my system. (well at least for movies made after early 1990’s)…

Below is the synopsis Tab – the short summary is from the EIT guide – the long synopsis is from AMG (as is the Movie Cover) :



You also now get a similar movies tab – which is populated completely with metadata from AMG (none of these similar movies are showing on tv). You can of course drill down to any matched movie and get more info on that.



Also – no need to provide the actors/directors etc in the EPG anymore for Movies – the AMG metadata also provides all this :



You can then click on an actor and it brings up a Movies by Actor page. (and gets everything from AMG – none of these titles are on my system).



The ‘Movies on TV’ feature is also now enabled on the start menu too.  Via the 4 pivots – Now, Next, Top Rated and Genres – you can view upcoming tv movies with cover images etc like the dvd library (and then easily do single click recording/drilldown) – but you need to ensure it will be matched with something (so if its not showing now/next then it needs to have a user rating or genre).

I wonder if similar functionality exists for automatically grabbing TV Series information (not sure if the amg service provides this sort of data)?


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January 17, 2009 at 12:50 am

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  1. Is it a violation to ‘re-use’ the AMG web service ? How did you get the url? schema and format?


    February 14, 2009 at 6:28 pm

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