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Blu-Ray’s disappearing from a rental store near you…

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I’ve noticed that getting hold of latest rental movie’s on Blu-Ray seems to be increasingly more difficult of late – and it’s been at least 3 weeks since I’ve managed to hire a new release in that format.  On further investigation – it turns out 2 out of the 3 local movie rental stores I go to have decided to stop getting new Blu-Ray titles altogether – claiming that people simply weren’t renting them.  The other store who does still have Blu-Ray has only ever been half committed – and rarely gets more than 2-3 new titles a month. (and seems to be getting less and less of them).

I don’t ever remember anything like this happening when DVD’s were the ‘new’ format – and once rental stores starting stocking them (after a slow start) – they upped the number of titles quickly until their VHS tapes became relegated to a shelf at the back of the store.

Unfortunately – in Australia the Blu-Ray players are still too expensive – with the cheapest models available for around AUD$400. Similarly buying new BluRay’s movies will set you back around AUD$50 – whereas the same title on DVD will cost between AUD$20-30 depending on where you shop. For rental stores (who have all charged same o/night price no matter what the format) – it means they need to rent each title several more times just to break even.

Movies on demand as a viable alternative is still a LONG way off in Australia due to a plethora of reasons. Apart from the usual suspects – bandwidth costs, slow speeds and DRM related issues – so far the Australian offerings provide consumers with much less choice, older titles and worse quality – all for a substantially higher price.

Hopefully this isn’t a prelude to the death of the Blu-Ray format – as there’s really no ‘equal’ format that offers the full 1080P high def quality delivered. However, unless the companies involved can get the cost of both players + titles down – the future for Blu-Ray is looking very uncertain. 


Written by mobilewares

December 15, 2008 at 8:21 am

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  1. good

    May 8, 2009 at 9:55 am

  2. Blu Ray is disappearing because it does NOT solve problems for the consumer. IT CREATES PROBLEMS.

    VHS was good for its time. But we had the problem of the video wearing out through use. Also it was difficult to put a whole television series together.

    When DVD came out, it was a much better quality. But more than that, DVD SOLVED PROBLEMS. We didn’t have to worry about the film wearing out. We could play it on computers. We didn’t have to FF and RR. And we could easily have a whole saga such as the 4 “Supermans” or a whole season of a television series in a nice slim package.

    Add to that that since VHS wore out, we normally had to replace them eventually (even if with another VHS). So, DVD caught a great boat that was already available. Since we were replacing our films anyway, it made sense. When it came time to buy our worn out films over, all we had to do is get it on DVD and we were set.

    Now Blu Ray comes along and expects the same pattern. How obtuse were they? Oh sure. You have some people who are slaves to commercials and will run out and buy whatever is advertised. But even though Blu Ray may offer a slightly better picture, it’s not gpoing to go mainstream. It does NOT SOLVE ANY PROBLEMS. IN FACT, IT CREATES PROBLEMS!

    (1) Obviously you have to buy a whole new player. (2) For the sake of a slightly better picture, you have to buy a whole new tv. (3) You have to start paying twice as much for your films. (4) You won’t have the same portability since not all computers accept it, and since not everyone has a Blu Ray. (5) By the confession of many Blu Ray owners, they stop buying Blu Ray (even after they have the player) because Blu Ray discs have an annoying and time consuming registration process.

    (All this for the sake of a slightly better pciture? I don’t think so!)

    On top of this, streaming is becoming the big thing. Granted some people prefer a physical media, but DVDs are good enough. So not only is Blu Ray NOT pushing the old DVD out, but streaming is pushing Blu Ray out. And in the interim, we have DVD upgraders that cost a mere $70. (Less than the price of a Blu Ray Player or 3 Blu Ray discs), and we avoid all this conversion nonsense!

    If Blu Ray is not squashed in this hopeless 3 front war (ST DVDs, Upgrader, and Streaming), it has nothing more than a tiny cult following to look forward to.

    Sorry Blu Ray. The boat left, and you missed it.

    Karenin Huntington

    August 6, 2011 at 4:39 am

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