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Big Screen Installers Updated (for future Vista Media Center Versions)

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In preparation for future Vista Media Center updates (which may or may not be available to some users) – the downloadable setup packages (.MSI) for the Big Screen Products (Weather v2, Headlines v2 and Photos v2) were updated on the website. Although the  changes are ‘theoretical’ (in lieu of actually having a new version to test) – these updated installers relax some of the pre-install checks previously made (which specifically checked for the RTM release of Vista Media Center only) – plus fix some cosmetic elements of the program library entries (ie. updated install/launch icons).

You’ll (probably) only need to worry about these updated installers if you are installing the Big Screen products on a ‘new’ version of Vista Media Center (post RTM). If you have previously installed the desired Big Screen product successfully – and you have updated your Vista Media Center afterwards (via some form of update package) – then the products should continue to work as before. As such – please note that the actual products have not been updated (and remain the same as the previous releases – and have same revision numbers) – as changes were made to the install scripts only.

Please visit the existing download pages for these products to get the new installers. (as before – you’ll need to be registered on in order to download these products and obtain serial numbers). 

Big Screen Weather v2 Data File Update

Although the above installers don’t contain product updates – one exception to this is that the preset data file that shipped with the original Big Screen Weather v2 (Jan 08 release) – was updated to support some additional/changed satellite/radar imagery. Please note that these changes are relevant to Australian users only (so it’s worthwhile downloading this new installer /or/ patch if you’re one of us) – and include :-

  • Fixed Australian IR and Color IR Radar Loops to show correct latest images
  • Fixed overlay legends for All Doppler Wind and Rainfall loops
  • Added 4 new Melbourne Rainfall Radar Loops – 6min, 1hr, Since 9am and 24hr.
  • Increased # looped frames to 6 (and 7) for all Melbourne Radar Loops
  • Added new Bairnsdale (VIC) 128km and 256km IR Radar Loop
  • Removed East Sale (VIC) Radars (now no longer in operation)

Alternatively if you already have Weather v2 installed – and you want these above changes – you can download just the updated Big Screen Weather v2 data file only (to save a reinstall) – from this post on forum. Please see the post for full details on how to get the patch working.


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July 23, 2008 at 6:45 am

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