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Mike from has generously setup a subforum for the "Big Screen" product range – on his popular Vista Media Center focused community forum.

The direct URL for this subforum is at :

The main idea of setting this subforum up – is to allow a discussion area for end users (and new users) to come in and provide feedback, ask questions and interact with me (and other community users) on the product range in general. (and I may even do some special promotions/offers/competitions for users sometime in the future via this forum).

I’m really grateful for what Mike has provided – and hope this can also give users a more direct channel of communication/reply with myself (and other users) – and help continue shape the Big Screen Products to be better than ever – via their passion and great ideas (and the direct emails users have sent me – and previous discussions on this site on v1 products has played a huge part in driving the v2 products released over past couple of weeks – so here’s proof already that it’s been and continue to be worthwhile participating! And my thanks to everyone who did contribute).

Mike imported some of the previous threads/discussions to get things rolling (from the existing Vista Plugins & Addons section) – some of which became a little heated/passionate – myself a prime offender (and to be expected – since after all – we all love+hate our Media Centers – and the addins we either make or use – so some of these threads may not be for the feint hearted).

I’m going to also fix up the website (in some of the support/faq sections) + this blog over the weekend  – to point at this new subforum – so please patient on that.

Also – a couple of quick items of interest (if you are a Big Screen User) – while I’m still in the middle of this ‘support’ migration :

Be sure to also check out some late breaking Big Screen Weather v2 support notes  – if you were affected by the missing forecast data over past few days – if you were from one of Seattle, Salem, Olympia or Portland (which has now been fixed) – /or/ you are a European user that uses commas ‘,’ instead of periods ‘.’ for your Decimal Symbols (which I believe is the case for Finland and Belgium) – and results in most of the onscreen values being multiplied by x10.  Support notes like this will most likely be migrated (or noted in one spot) on this new subforum as well (I’m still deciding on best placement of this sort of dynamic information).

Also note the Discount Code offered in this post is also due to be removed (and disabled online) in about 24 hours (as mentioned – this was only being made available for 3-4 days to help test the new payment system – and things have run ultra smoothly so far without issues/errors) – so if you want to take up this extra special offer – there’s not much time left. (although some other great MediaCenter sites such as (+ MediaCenter Show Podcast) may be offering something along these lines soon (or even now.. 8)… keep an eye out there as well).


Written by mobilewares

February 9, 2008 at 5:36 am

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