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Big Screen v2 products now available for online/instant purchase.

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After a few hiccups this week (which I’m assured won’t happen again) – I’m happy to announce that the online payment system (and activation services) – are now live – and accessible to the general public!.

This means that you can purchase the "Big Screen v2" products right now (if you so desire) –  otherwise as per past few days/weeks – and you’re also welcome (and very much encouraged) to give them a test run for 30 days first (just to make sure you’re 100% happy/comfortable with it)!

The currently available titles (more to come over next few weeks/months) – include :

 Big Screen Photos v2 (USD$24.95 for full/unlimited version)
  – instant access to hundreds of millions of online photos from Yahoo!® flickr™ – via your remote control.

Click to View the Full Screenshot  Click to View the Full Screenshot  Click to View the Full Screenshot


 Big Screen Weather v2 (USD$19.95 for full unlocked version with 2 yr data subscription).
– latest global weather observations, forecasts (3-7 day), imagery and loads more – with fast/efficient startup/download.

Click to View the Full Screenshot  Click to View the Full Screenshot  Click to View the Full Screenshot 

Please also note these products are 32 + 64 bit Vista Media Center compatible (no one is excluded!) – and is tested/working and optimized for not only XBox360 extenders – but also compliant with the new PIKA 2.0 extenders (and auto detects models from Linksys, D-Link etc)..  

Please note that – in order to purchase a product – you will need to first sign up for a free account on (this is mainly to ensure we can contact you – if any problems occur in payments – or if we need to inform you about any product updates etc). Note that the signup process requires that we have a valid email address – (that can be confirmed via us issuing your initial password there) – a first name / country  (you can make something up if you feel paranoid about us knowing how to ‘address you’ in the emails… ie. your welcome to call yourself ‘fffdsfkjhdf’ and say you’re from Antarctica if you so desire).

Please note – that for your safety/security (and our ‘legal peace of mind’) – the system does not receive or record your credit card or paypal account details – (and is handled solely by Paypal). We do however receive a notification (while you’re still on the paypal site – and funds have been confirmed) – where your serial number will be issued/upsized – and appropriate emails sent out to your registered address. As per above – Invoicing details etc – are sent via Paypal (and if you do have a Paypal account – which is not actually required – you can view the purchase details at a later date via the Paypal account management features on their site).

Once you have registered – you can start the ‘Purchase Wizard’ by clicking the icon – and going to the appropriate purchase page (here for Big Screen Weather v2   or  here for Big Screen Photos v2). After you receive the confirmation page (which shows you the final price / allows for discount codes / and displays additional/important information) – you will then be taken accross to Paypal to complete the payment


For those of you who have already download/installed a trial version (or do so in future) – you can actually upsize/pay for the ‘existing serial number’ to be unlocked – and then using the inbuilt ‘reverify/reactive function’ (built into Big Screen v2 Media Center addins – inside the actual 10 foot UI)  – you can unlock your existing installed version. (nice and easy!)..  This also works if you’re trial version has expired (so you can decide at a much later date to upsize / unlock the existing installed version if you haven’t removed it yet – or still have your existing download/serial number saved locally).

Please also note (as highlighted on purchase page/site) – there’s still some crossing of t’s and and dotting of i’s to do with some of the content/support literature on the site (and of course the products + site will always be a ‘work in progress’).  Given the Web 2.0/3.0? nature of these products (and reliance on numerous ‘moving targets’ such as 3rd party webservices / feeds etc) – the products offer a huge amount of functionality to offset any issues (so it’s never intended they will be 100% working at all times – but rather 80%-99% operational – with features being improved with free/incremental updates as time progresses).

Anyhow – please enjoy – and again – I highly recommend you take the products for a 30 day spin to ensure you like them. (and appreciate the amount of work/effort that’s gone into them – and the very low prices they are offered at!).



Written by mobilewares

February 6, 2008 at 1:35 am

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