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Media Center Show Awards 2007 – Streaming Live Wednesday (or Thurs. if you’re an Aussie)..

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As per Ian Dixon’s Post (Media Center Show/ the 2007 Media Center show awards are going to be streamed LIVE on at on Wednesday 6th 8pm GMT (12pm PST).  This will be the first Live Awards show that Ian’s done (normally the podcasts are pre-recorded – although he’s recently had some video’s go out live in this manner) – and it’s a really great idea! (and hope to see more content done like this).

Hopefully Ian’s not going to be involving any "small children or animals" – given the live nature of the show (although I hear some developers and the like might make an appearance – so ‘expect the unexpected’… ).

Please see this link below for more information…

The Media Center Show Awards – Live Wednesday!



For any Australian + New Zealand listeners/readers – this is somewhere between 4-9am Thursday (7th) Morning (depending on where you live – given the vast distances… and I think it’s maybe around 7-8am for Melbournians + Sydneysiders..) – as unfortunately Ian has to cater for everyone across the globe…(and us poor deprived Australians are only a small % of listeners)…. However I’m sure if Ian can make it at a more ‘Australian friendly’ time next year – we might be able to ‘rustle up’ some ‘cricket’ coaching for his fellow countrymen in return… 8)


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February 5, 2008 at 2:15 am

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