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As of a few minutes ago – I flicked the ‘proverbial off switch’ on – and started redirecting traffic to the new brand + website –

Along with this new site – comes the official "final" / public releases of Big Screen Photos v2 and Big Screen Weather v2 (previously made available to some brave souls/testers earlier this month) – which everyone can now download and try without requiring any special ‘Invitation’ codes. (or requiring me to do any ‘manual’ activations etc from my end… in fact I’ll be lying on a beach in Tahiti till further notice… – just kidding…). 

In order to download the new products – users are required to first create an account on (and provide a valid email address so the site can send you a default password) – which only takes a couple of moments. Once you’re registered – accessing/downloading the full products is really quick – and serial numbers / download links are issued on the fly.  There’s also a bunch of ‘smarts’ on the site – so you can do things like retrieve lost passwords, and have product registration links/downloads sent to your email address. (if you so desire).

In some of the initial testing performed over past month – there’s been the odd email server that decided to reject emails from my new domain (hence the initial email verification as part of signup) – so if you’re having any problems signing up (and you don’t receive your initial welcome/password email within a few moments/minutes) – try to use a different email address and see if that solves the problem.


How do I buy the full versions of Big Screen ……?

Although the online payment/activation system is now functioning/working (using Paypal’s Merchant Services) – I’m yet to enable this for the general public – as I’m still making 1000% sure that there isn’t any glitches with some of the non-standard payment methods supported by Paypal (that could be complex to undo – depending on how/where payment was made).  Note that it’s not actually required that you have a Paypal account (and you will be able to do credit card payments without signing up to PayPal) – however having one may allow you to better manage your invoices/transactions with bigscreenglobal and other purchases you may make with other providors.

Note however – due to the funky – ‘reverify registration’ features built into the v2 products – if you do decide to take the splash and purchase the full products – you won’t need to reinstall anything at all (and you can unlock/upsize your ‘trial’ product from inside the Media Center UI – using your remote control – once payment has been completed/confirmed online…)

Where’s Big Screen ……?

– Big Screen Headlines v2 isn’t quite ready for public consumption (due to some behind the scenes requirements/deals being finalized – which currently impacts what the final installer will look like) – so please be patient – and I hope to have this available online shortly as well.

Big Screen Contacts (v2) – Coming Soon! I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot and provide any dates on this – but promise it will be soon..

Big Screen Movies / TV Series – as before – please don’t ask where these are (and are still *not* anywhere near the top of the to-do list). Once you see the new products/website and amount of work gone into these new v2 products – I hope you’ll understand and appreciate where the effort has gone over the past few months – and understand that in order to make the Big Screen range fly – the ‘specialist/enthusiast’ products (which require lots of behind the scenes licensing to be sorted out) – are not the current priority. (and it’s the broader/family + legal friendly products which are the focus). 

Still a "Work In Progress" . . . . 

Please note that there’s still some work to be done on the new site – and some of content you see is ‘temporary’ (ie. full online support/documentation is still being finalized) – and as such – users may experience a few ‘server resource is unavailable‘ messages if I’m right in the middle of uploading a page. (and if you see this – please wait a couple of moments and refresh the page). 

The current banner ads are also very temporary (and I think even contain some horrid spelling + grammatical mistakes designed to make any English professor walk off in disgust) – so expect to see these being recycled/changed over the coming weeks.

Similarly – some of the multi-lingual translations offered in the v2 products will be a continuous – "work in progress" (and are definitely not considered 100%) – and the main aim of providing these translations is to enable non English / non Technical members of the family to enjoy/use these products as well (once installed by someone in the family that can cope with some English/Technical information – which would be ‘you’…).


Anyhow – I hope you enjoy the new sites and products – and those of you who are seeing/using these for the first time (and were patiently waiting) – appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into these…  (and maybe even decide to buy one of them..)..

As before – stay tuned for more information + product announcements on here – or on  …


Written by mobilewares

January 31, 2008 at 12:46 am

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  1. Excellent work Niall! BigScreen is definitely turning into a strong and consistent branding/image for you 🙂


    January 31, 2008 at 1:04 am

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