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As mentioned previously on this blog – the Australian TV Networks are starting to launch breakaway ‘HD’ channels (rather than just simulcasting HD + upconverted SD content) – and this Saturday the 16th Network Ten (10) will be launching their own channel.

Some details were released about a week ago (sample Guide included) – and it’s looking like this new offering from Ten will be really worthwhile for Australian viewers.  (with over 50+ hours of unique HD content per week)

Some of the highlights include :

– Time shifted News from 5:00pm to 5:30pm (this is actually really useful for me as we quite often eat at 5:30pm – and have to wait until 6pm otherwise).

– Breakaway programming during the weekday afternoons (HD documentries) at 10:30pm each night – HD movies plus drama series like Veronica Mars (previously taken off air down here) – Over There and The Shield.

– Sci Fi Thursdays (was going to be Saturday initially). This includes new episodes of Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, The 4400,  etc.. Breakaway viewing will start at 7:30pm on this night (normally 10:30pm).  Hopefully the HD Movie they show on Thursdays will also be Sci Fi as well…

– When simulcasting – TEN HD claims to have HD versions of nearly all the latest US/Imported shows – plus will simulcasting all home/away footy matches next year in HD.

As with previous HD transmissions – shows will be broadcast in 1080i (with 5.1 DD).

Rival network Seven’s HD channel (already launched a couple of months ago) hasn’t been too impressive so far (for some reason HDTV has meant showing a whole bunch of episodes of ‘The Grid’ and ‘That 70s Show’ – which isn’t even widescreen – and the odd matinee movie). This channel however seems to be evolving – and by looking at this weeks guide – they seem to be adding a lot of extra content. (maybe now that there’s some impending competition).

Channel Nine ("Me Too" HD) are still yet to reveal their hand – but promise it will be "everything everyone else’s is and then better" – (ok these weren’t the exact words but was something vaguely along those lines)… no known launch date for this one as yet.  If Channel 9 actually pulled all those really great shows they are sitting on out of the closet (as TEN are doing) – and treated viewers with respect for a change (so they have some comfort that the show won’t suddenly be pulled, shown 2 hours late without warning, or moved to 3:00am etc) – they could actually have a winner. 


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December 9, 2007 at 4:32 am

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