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I found this funny mock website (via Shane Morris UXB Blog) – – which has a very funny take on common mistakes made when non-designer "hacks" attempt to do design work – watch the video for more. (yes I’m guilty of a few of these to a smaller or greater degree).


Note – the below comments will make a little more sense once you watch it !


I was thinking of some appropriate sister sites / spoof products that could also be made (in response/revenge to this) – which look at the funny mistakes made when non developers (mainly designers) do the equivalent tasks : :

– "Make My Homepage Bigger Spray" : Are you tired of the embarrassment caused when someone decides to enlarge your homepage to really huge sizes – and then they spot those unwanted compression artifacts…. ugh…  Just spray this onto your website and your homepage will be a chock full of crisp animated graphics, photographic imagery – and a guaranteed 50mb in size (or your money back). Remember – it’s not the information being presented or how fast it loads – its whether another designer will be able to find fault….

– "Intelligent Menu Cream" : Wipe it onto the offending "straightforward" areas of your website or application – and your UI will instantly become "clever". Eliminate those "stupid users" that just don’t understand your true emotional state or the inspirations that fed into your webite creation journey – by snaring them in tangled web of inconsistent navigation.

– "Linear UX Powder" : Just sprinkle this to any storyboard – and your users will instantly want to ONLY follow the navigation path and functionality you thought would look good while it was being designed in Photoshop. Save huge $$$$’s by completely eliminating the need to account for any "pesky" unaccounted for behavior or desired functionality by your end users.

– "Make It So Dongle" : Plug it in and the need for months worth of project, infrastructure and capacity planning will instantly vanish. With this dongle you can deliver the most complex projects ever (at the slightest whim) – and in the shortest timeframes. With the new enhanced "upsize" button – you’ll also be able to instantly scale those Access and Foxpro databases to serve millions of users.

and since I found this site on a DPE/UX blog – I couldn’t resist putting this one down too …

– "Keep it Simple Spray" : Spray this on your next IT Project – and instantly your stakeholders will only request that it performs a single function – and can be programmed and explained in 15 minutes.  Spray some on the development team – and they’ll never try any scenario that wasn’t already thought of and described in the SDK.

– "COE Deployment Cream" : Rub it on any annoying software deployment/configuration problems to instantly turn all your customers machines into your "ideal deployment environment". Get true "instant" write once –  works everywhere capabilities with the "auto upgrader" (with just one application of this cream – all your major corporate customers will have upgraded their entire pc fleet to the latest O/s, version of office, .NET components, Silverlight Beta’s and same graphics card/driver you did your testing with).

– "Perfect World Powder" : Do you only have 1 or 2 people and a $10k budget to work on the huge upcoming project? Just sprinkle on Perfect World Powder – and in just minutes you’ll have multi disciplined product development, Q+A and Infrastructure team. Watch in amazement as your army of designers suddenly become UX experts, Animators – and know how to produce deliverables that feed directly into the development phase of your project.  Once active – you’ll also be thrilled at just how quickly your managers and stakeholders make timely decisions and agree to increasing your budget spectacularly (so that you can follow that full SDLC).




Written by mobilewares

November 3, 2007 at 5:58 am

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