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Off-Topic: Some bad news and then some really bad reporting

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Over the weekend – we suffered a tragic and unexpected loss of a close family member.

I won’t go into any exact details about what happened – and words could not describe the grief being felt by those close to me – (and this is not an appropriate place for this).

And just to make things worse – the media got involved… and it’s this I want to blog about.

As it happens, an ‘incident’ directly related to this loss was immediately seen by some opportunistic union/political members as a great way to publicize their cause – so they called the media in. They of course didn’t stop for one moment to think about how those being effected would not welcome having the media camped outside their house – or accosting anyone who stepped outside.

They (both the media and those other beneficiaries) – also didn’t seem to mind that the story being peddled (or the part that made it newsworthy) was actually untrue. In fact – they had ALL (commercial TV Stations) been told the real facts by authorities – and also several stations taped an interview with a family member outside the house well before the story was aired. Apparently those stations present at this interview also tried to encourage him to ‘lie’ about the facts – so they could peddle the wrong version of events.

Out of all the news networks (well at least paytv, fta tv, newspaper) – only Channel 7 reported the full and correct facts and set the record straight. (kudos to them for at least getting it right in the end).

The others very deliberately concealed/muddied the facts (and implied the wrong story)- simply for the sake of ‘not letting the truth get in the way of a good story’.. A few newspapers even provided completely untrue statements/quotes just to support their stories. Most of them also ran continuous news promo’s all evening again ‘miss-stating’ the facts and showing pictures etc.

Anyhow – to say that I have ZERO respect – or trust for the Australian news media at the moment would be a complete understatement (I can only begin to imagine how untrue everything else they publish/air is based on this).. 

If it wasn’t so personal and close to home – I would probably be providing MediaWatch with some details.


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October 22, 2007 at 2:59 am

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