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More Media Center Extender Goodness – D-Link DSM 750

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From Engadget (ahem.. yes I do link to my sources….)

Hot on the heels of the Linksys Media Center Extender – details have emerged on the offering being announced tonight from D-Link – the DSM 750 Media Center Extender  which includes (quoted from engadget) :

"high-speed, uninterrupted wireless (or wired) streaming and sharing of HD / SD video, movies, digital photos and music," regardless of where your PC is located. The device features dual-band draft Wireless N technology, silent operation, a wireless remote, USB 2.0 port for accessing external storage, and a 10 / 100 Ethernet jack. Catch it this November for $349.99, and check out a bevy of photos (including a few hands-on) in the gallery below.

Like with the Linksys Extender – it’s got a lot of nice features – but looks like it got hit with the ‘ugly stick’ – and definitely a device you’ll want well out of visibility in your lounge-room. (these guys really have to get some italian/french designers in to make it look sexy).

It sounds just a little bit pricey however at US$349 (was really expecting these to be cheaper than a XBox360 – not more expensive).

A picture is included below (more at the engadget photo gallery)  .






There’s also some other extender device info floating around on a reference design from Digion (based on Sigma designs decoding chips) – and although it has the Windows Media Center Extender Logo plastered all over it – it’s possible this is just a v1 extender. Whats nice about this one is the inclusion of a Web Browser and support for a quite a fair few codecs (dvr-ms is not mentioned – but has H.264, Divx/Xvid, M4v and others out of the box). It’s even possible this is just a straight UPMP  and not really  an extender at all.


Written by mobilewares

September 27, 2007 at 1:39 am

Posted in Vista MediaCenter

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  1. Good job on the linkage back even though Engadget even though they clearly didn’t link to where they find the story either today (hint, here)


    September 27, 2007 at 1:44 am

  2. lol.. this whole blog linking thing makes me laugh…   I got the story from the xpmediacenter forums and clearly linked to that (don’t know how the user there found it) – and a few other blogs implied I found this out from some ‘mysterious source’..  will be very funny if it turns out to not be one of the v2 extenders.. (as I think everyone forgot to mention my very important note about it maybe not being a v2 at all)..


    September 27, 2007 at 3:12 am

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