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MCEDev releases TV-Toolbox Beta

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Olcay Buyan at MCEDev has just launched a beta version of TV-Toolbox (this app was previously known as MCEDEV’s MCE-Cutter for Vista Media Center and previewed on this blog a while ago). This new MCPL app allows you to edit/convert your Recorded TV from a 10 foot UI. 

An excerpt  from the news release (on the MCEDev site) –

Ever wanted to edit and convert your recording right from your couch? Now you can! TV Toolbox is the youngest member in our gang. It allows you to edit recordings, convert recordings and define rules to automatically convert just recorded TV shows to a specific format.

Olcay’s done a really nice job on the UI – so go check out the news release to get a downloadable version and see some screenshots too.

While I was on holidays o/s (and away from my blog) – Olcay also released some news about MCE-Cookbook – an application designed for kitchen based MediaCenter machines (designed by Ad Notam) – and allows you to view recipies from a 10 foot UI. This one is worth checking out too (not downloadable yet) – and the kitchen mounted displays look really nice in the photos.


Written by mobilewares

August 1, 2007 at 3:45 am

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  1. Welcome back Niall. How was the trip? 
    Olcay’s site seems to be having a problem at the moment with a timeout.


    August 1, 2007 at 9:13 pm

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