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Big Screen Photos 2 Private Beta has been (auto) extended..

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If you are one of the people running the  Big Screen Photos 2 Beta – and wondering if your trial has/will expire – please note that all expiry dates have been automatically extended to August 1st, 2007. (as the public beta is not yet ready).

The good news is that you won’t need to download/reinstall anything nor enter your serial key again – instead, you can just simply click through the ‘revalidate’ function that will appear on the addin’s splash page (and the addin will automatically retrieve the new expiry details from my server – and lock them in to your settings).  These expiry dates were actually updated at end of June (so nobodies trial should have expired) – but I previously forgot to mention it!.

I initially received some pretty negative feedback from some folk about the inclusion of a ‘phone home’ registration system in Big Screen Photos 2 – however for legitimate users (ie. those who have been supplied an ‘official’ key) – one of the benefits of this mechanism will be realized immediately. That is – auto trial extension without any reinstall/reregistration – all done with a single click of the ‘OK’ button from inside Media Center- pretty nifty huh?. 

In future this mechanism will also enable users to upgrade a trial version to a full registered version without any further installs (unless of course a completely new release is made available).   

For those waiting for the public trial / or the new version with the ‘Digital Frames’ functionality as demonstrated at WebJam@Remix (and other assorted fixes/changes) – this is still a work in progress (stay tuned) .  



Written by mobilewares

July 13, 2007 at 4:11 am

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