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New “Media Center” Podcast on TPN (and my thoughts)

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A new "Media Center Show" Podcast appeared on TPN (the podcast network) this week – with a new host Michael Wolf from ABI Research. On this show Michael interviews Joe Belfiore – VP of eHome division at Microsoft. 

This podcast is not to be confused however with Ian Dixon’s ‘Media Center Show’ podcast – which is now being hosted via his own site .

Michael does a pretty good job interviewing Joe (which is quite an impressive effort given it’s his very first show) – and I look forward to hearing Michael’s interviews/shows in the future. (and encourage readers to check it out).

However, I do need to have a little bit of a grumble about some ‘issues’ regarding this new Podcast (and without knowledge of what transpired behind the scenes – I am not sure if these came about via direction from TPN or Michael’s own accord).

People know and respect ‘The Media Center Show’ due to the incredible work Ian Dixon has done with it (not because it’s listed on TPN) – and his associated blog, site and other things that all add to the shows reputation. Ian also won over listeners due to having a really good understanding of both the hardware and software side of things – ie one week he’d be talking to a system builder about hw related issues – and the following week discussing SDK issues with a developer from the MediaCenter team – without missing a beat. From what I can tell – the new host Michael seems pretty clued up about hardware stuff – but maybe isn’t so strong on the software or dev side of things (which will ultimately take the show in a different direction). Michael even mentions that he’s not yet running Vista MediaCenter.

So my more specific points I was a little disappointed with –

First off – It’s pretty weird (and confusing for the public) that the podcast is also named ‘The Media Center Show’. Yes – I caught the v2.01 bit at the end – but this actually indicates that v1 is obselete/redundant (not – hey the original creator decided to move his show).  It would have been a better idea if the podcast had been called something different (given a new host/new direction etc) – no matter who actually ‘legally’ owned the name (it just would have been the ‘right’ thing to do). 

Secondly – there was pretty much no indication/mention of Ian’s involvement with the show in this podcast I listened to (i didn’t catch all of it – but if it was there it wasn’t prominently placed).  I really would have expected/liked that at the start of the show – a few moments could have been spent thanking/acknowledging everything Ian has done with the show (and how you are following in his footsteps) – and clearly explaining to the public about the existence of the two shows. (and repeating this in the associated blog entry).

The other thing I noticed was that the format/length/feel of the show (another bit that Ian defined/created – not TPN) was very much the same as before. I though that maybe some steps could have been taken to looking at a new format and finding some other original way to really differentiate this new podcast over Ian’s one. (as it comes accross as more of a ‘copy’ of what Ian’s creation – rather than something that is fresh and original).

Putting these points aside – I do wish Michael luck with his new podcast (and I’ll be a future listener). There’s definitely room for two of these shows in the marketplace (and more so if they diversify into different areas) – and many I’m sure will listen to both (rather than chosing one or the other).  I also think Michael will also gain a lot more kudos/respect/trust from the community doing the ‘right’ thing in relation to these points I mentioned.


Written by mobilewares

June 22, 2007 at 2:08 am

Posted in Vista MediaCenter

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  1. Niall, it’s Cameron here, CEO of The Podcast Network. I appreciate your positive comments about Michael’s first show. With regards to your complaints, I don’t want to get into details in a public forum, but in an attempt to make sure Michael isn’t tarnished with your criticisms, I just want to say that when Ian left he and I had an agreement that he would be calling his new show something different, exactly because he knew I intended to keep our show going with a new host and didn’t want to cause confusion. I was disappointed, to say the least, when I found out just recently that he didn’t stick by that agreement. Any decisions regarding the show that you may not agree with were all mine and not Michael’s. TPN invested in 18 months in this show and I think we have a right to keep it going in any way we see fit according to the agreement we had with Ian when he joined us. If you want to discuss this further with me, please feel free to send me an email – cheersCameron


    June 23, 2007 at 10:21 am

  2. Hi Cameron,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment with your side of the story – and apologies if it was coming off as tarnishing Michael (not the intention at all). As mentioned I’m not privy to what happened behind the scenes – and commenting as an external observer. Also – I’m sure that legally/etc what was agreed to at the start is as you say (and I’m not disputing that at all) – and was really commenting that it was the ‘parting’ arrangement seemed a little off. 
    It wouldn’t have cost you anything to wish Ian best of luck / and support him in his new endeavours a little more publicly via the blog/show ( ie. allowing posts on the blog  that had details of his new home or mentioning it on the new show). After all – the Media Center show was built around supporting and promoting other Media Center related endevours in the community – so this shouldn’t have been any different.
    So again – not saying you did anything legally wrong or that you broke any agreements – and was commenting on how it could have been done a little more amicably. 
    That being said – I’m looking forward to listening to both shows in future – and hope they both continue to be as successful as before.


    June 28, 2007 at 3:09 pm

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