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Are you going to ReMix’07 in Melbourne?

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Something I’m really looking forward to is ReMix ’07 – which is coming to Melbourne, Australia in a couple of weeks (25th + 26th June) – a conference geared at Web and RIA development+design (with a strong WPF + Expression flavor). Remix07 is a cutdown version of Mix07 that was held in Las Vegas a couple of months ago – with some new/updated content thrown in (they aren’t quite as talkative here – and it will be a 48 hr conversation instead of 72).

It’s not often we get such a fine calibre of speakers, content, and tech specialists assembled locally and all in the same room (many coming from overseas+interstate) – so this is going to be a very interesting event.

If you want to go – but haven’t booked your spot – well sorry .. your too late – as they have now completely sold out and registration is closed!.

However – if you are registered to come – and are a reader of this blog / are into Media Center developement (or you’re something doing cool with WPF) – ping me a message if you want to catch up for a chat/coffee.

I should also mention (warn) that I was talked into filling a slot at Webjam 2 (being held at Galactic Circus at 5:30pm on day 1 of ReMix) – where 16 presenters will each have just 3 minutes to demonstrate something cool they have been working on. First prize is a funky Wacom tablet. Voting/Winners will be decided ‘Idol’ style (well a geeky version that is – and everyone will be over 12) – with ReMix attendees having exclusive SMS voting rights . I’m possibly going to be showing off Big Screen Photos 2 (for Vista Media Center) – but might demo something else instead – depending on whats ready /or/ working by then (and what sort of equipment + internet connections are available for the demo).

There’s still actually some slots left for Webjam – so if you want to join in the madness and have something cool to show off – then don’t forget to check yourself in for your 3 minutes of stagefright at this address. I’d love to see a few other people do some Media Center stuff as well (and I know there’s a bunch of great developers in Australia so come on out).

See (some of) you there!


Written by mobilewares

June 15, 2007 at 3:27 am

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  1. I’ll be there! I’m going to show off a Sidebar Gadget for 3mins, I think you already have me beat 😦
    Now my my luck I’ll be directly after you 😉
    See you there!


    June 15, 2007 at 4:11 am

  2. Hi John,   I’m looking forward to seeing your demo – and saying hello. I’ve not done any public speaking for the last few years so just getting up there will be half the challenge for me (and the other half will be trying to set up a widescreen MediaCenter center environment with remote control support – and hoping/praying that flick webservice, my site or something else is all working at the same time)…


    June 16, 2007 at 1:44 am

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