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After many years of neglect (yes almost 6 years – yikes!) – I’ve just updated the site.  (woohoo!)

The previous version of the site was a real mess – and had ‘minisites’ slapped on as needed over the years – making it a little confusing for end users – and making it really ambiguous as to what mobilewares was all about (and what the company focus was).

I’m not completely done yet though – but here’s some of the bits I added/changed :

  • Created Brand New Home Page / generic Mobilewares information pages (ie contact/profile/about/resources/sitemap etc) – replacing the old index/start page (which just had links to 4 x minisites) and the old ‘corporate’ minisite.
  • Reworked the entire Media Center addins site(s) to a consistent look/feel (matching homepage) – with new home pages for Vista Media Center addins and MCE2005 addins.
  • Added new product site for Big Screen Photos 2  (includes screenshots – info – etc). Public Beta Download is not yet available (will be soon!). check it out at  – 
  • Updated all the Corporate/Company/Personal about/profile pages (some of these were really really out of date – ie not changed since 2001/2002).
  • Added a new "Work in Progress" page. Currently there’s only links back to this blog on there so far (oh and a little extra) – but will hopefull be updated with something new/cool soon (and will be done in tandem with this blog so there’s no need to monitor the page for news – just this blog)
  • ‘Conceptually’ – gives the end user a clear/direct understanding of what mobilewares does/is – and provides direct links for the current/important stuff mobilewares has to offer (ie Vista Media Center addins and consulting services).

In most cases – I’ve used the same page/file names – so all old links (coming from other sites) should still work – which was important as I think there over 500+ external pages linking to (plus of course many links emailed by me to clients – or others).


What I want to get achieved over next couple of weeks (in leadup to launch of Big Screen Photos 2 + Contacts full versions) include :

  • Replace/Remove/Archive/Enhance rest of old/legacy pages (ie. old PVR software, mobile phone software etc) – pages are still using old look/feel when you go there.
  • Implement full unified SQL/Email verificated registration/licensing system on for downloads/signups. The SQL-Server/ASP.NET backend for Big Screen Photos 2 is already partially living on (used for the internal licensing system for the private beta). The system that I will implement will be similar concept to the original one (used for mobile phone applications and old PVR apps – was Access based before SQL server was available) – where user must signup with email address – and then they will be sent a download link (and serial number if applicable).
  • Move Entire Download System/Hosting to This is currently residing on (hosted by WebHost4Life)- as when it was written – there was no decent tracking/webstats available for the – only total hits/bandwidth (Brinkster). Recently – Brinkster has implemented a much better webstats system – although still not as comprehensive as WebHost4Life (which auto resolves reverse IP lookups etc) – it will do and I’d sacrifice some reporting capabilities to unify the site.
  • Hook up the mobilewares MCPL Online Gallery / Version Checking System (MediaCenter MCML site available from within mobileware addins) – to the new database systems/site – so when I make changes to the main site – it’s reflected here too. (this is now out of date too!).
  • Add some pages/info on the Vista Sidebar Gadgets (and other WPF/Silverlight apps) I have been working on (where allowed by clients). There’s a few projects almost done (and some ‘to be done’) – and will be released in coming weeks/months – so once they are out I’ll add some info/screenshots too.
  • Add a partners/clients corporate page (with lots of logos links etc to who I do business with)
  • Add some links to things like Work in Progress Videos posted on here, Soapbox and Digital Lifestyle.

You’ll see bits and pieces of these changes gradually be implemented over the next couple of weeks (in no particular order).

However – enjoy for now!

Let me know if any bad links/html is happening for you as I tested mainly on IE7 (as Vista users are primary focus) – but also some checks were done with Firefox 1.5 (and no I don’t care if MAC users can’t see it on Safari so don’t tell me).



Written by mobilewares

May 23, 2007 at 2:46 am

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  1. Niall,Found your site and blog after recently upgrading to Vista.  Great Work!  I was just wondering about the development of Big Screen TV series listed on your redesigned site.  That product looks aswesome.  Is it close at all to a beta?  Thanks.


    May 25, 2007 at 6:05 pm

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