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Windows Vista MediaCenter SDK Update 5.1

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A new update of the Microsoft Windows Vista™ Windows Media Center Software Development Kit v5.1 (formerly v5.0) was made available last night on MSDN Downloads (dated 1-May-07). Note that MSDN currently shows ‘v5.0’ on the download page – and when you go to install it – the default directory path is ‘xx 5.0’ (however this IS actually v5.1).

Some of the changes for this new release (pinched from the included Getting Started Document with the SDK)

  • Incorporation into CHM of previously separate MSDN technical articles and team blog postings.
  • The MCML Preview Tool Launcher power toy is now included ‘out of the box’ (no separate install).
  • Q and Z setup projects now based on WiX 3.0 (was WiX 2.0).
  • Shortcuts for the MCML Preview Tool have been added to the Windows Vista Start Menu: One launches standalone, the other within Windows Media Center.
  • Registry files (*.reg) added to the Tools folder to enable / disable of launch debugging and error details.
  • MCML Sampler source C# files (*.cs) files added.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks to the Z sample application.

Note that this is purely a SDK update only (ie changes are isolated to documents, examples other included sample files) – and not a change to the MediaCenter API or MCPL (which would require a major deployment via Windows Update – as it would touch the core MediaCenter files).

I’m still in the process of finding the changed content in the docs – and I (think) have seen a few goodies in there (like better explanations) – but not 100% if I just missed them in v5.0 (as my initial cover to cover reads of the SDK started with the beta versions).


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May 1, 2007 at 11:50 pm

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