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New Media Center Developer Tips/Tricks on Aaron Stebners Blog

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Aaron Stebner (MSFT) posted a couple of really interesting posts this week relating to Media Center development that’s worth a look.

The first post   Mailbag: How can I create a loading page for an MCML Application?  reveals a very cool trick you can do if you want splash/loading screens or "First Run" style sequences in your application – which involves inheriting a HistoryOrientatedPageSession class and overriding the LoadPage method.  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while – and previously – you had to use different techniques to prevent the splash screen coming up for a second time (when you navigate backwards from the main menu). I am yet to try this out – but I suspect it may also allow for multiple sets of page histories to exist – so would be extremely useful for tracking Page Flows in Wizards independantly of the main application’s history.

Another interesting post is How to NGEN files in an MSI-based setup package using WiX – which shows how to create 32/64 bit specific Native images for Wix installers. In his example – Aaron has started with his ‘Q’ Wix install script (supplied with the Media Center SDK) – and shown how it should be modified to support NGEN.exe (a tool supplied with the .Net v2 framework). From what I understand – this post could be quite useful if you are deploying seperate builds of your application for 32/64 bit (which is required for some Media Center related applications – ie ones that access the EPG/Scheduling related DLL’s).

Go and check them out!


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March 4, 2007 at 8:16 am

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