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MCStart – new MCPL Web Application from ProgressWeb

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Raymond from ProgressWeb dropped me an email and let me know that a beta version of MCStart for Vista Media Center (a MCPL Web Application)  – is now available for download – and is an update to their popular MCE2005 version (HTML addin). 

MCStart is targetted at users in the Netherlands (available in English or Dutch) – and allows you to browse upcoming events and attractions happening locally (ie Concerts/Festivals etc).  The UI is presented with a Vista MC look/feel (with a ‘z’ like main menu) – and allows you to click through to event details by category (with event specific some poster/images displayed along the way).

For some more information – check out their site at – and you can download the .MSI installer (which adds the launch icon to your Media Center Program Library and points to their MCML Web Site). The addin also works with 64bit Vista (and appears to have been created in WiX – hence proper Vista/UAC support).

Here’s some screenshots I took of this running on my dev machine –




It’s great to see some new Vista/MCPL content appearing from 3rd party developers (something that has been very slow to happen so far) – and hopefully it will help encourage others to bring out some apps.  (I would love to see something like this working with Australian event data too!..)


Written by mobilewares

March 2, 2007 at 12:02 am

Posted in Vista MediaCenter

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