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I caught this amusing forum post "I Hate Vista" today on  from a user Bella – and thought I’d share it here…

Just to put this in context – this user is a highly respected member of – and has earned a lot of his reputation from coming to the rescue of long suffering MCE2005 users with helpful tips + advice on software/hardware/etc. (something which is notoriously difficult to get 100% working and stable in Australia for a ‘noob’)..

This has got to be the nicest thing anyone has said about Vista Media Center so far…

Post Titled : ‘I Hate Vista’

Yes I do.

Where are the good old days of mce2005. It surely was more fun. Something would be wrong every day. There was always something to be fixed. There was no time to write fun threads like "Ï am from a salesperson from HN" or ”I am a merchandiser from the 2$ store".

With Vista all the fun has gone. You wait and watch the pc for days, no weeks, in the hope something will go wrong and you will be able to fix it, post it in this forum and get some rep points. Now, when something goes wrong, all you get is, the program crashed, Windows will close it and start it again. No cajoling, ranting, swearing. No endless scanning for channels, no video errors, no rebooting, no BSOD.
I was looking forward to write a new Bella Vista guide for beginners. All I can write about is, put the disk in the dvd rom, close it, reboot, do wathever windows tells you to do, install video driver and tuner driver and enjoy. Gee, this must be the shortest guide for beginners ever written.

Now I am watching this screen, hours go by, hoping some newbie will make a terrible mistake and I will be able to save him.

Like I said, how can this be fun?


lol… Microsoft should use this guy for an advertising campaign….!


Written by mobilewares

February 17, 2007 at 7:18 am

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