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Updated: Big Screen Contacts v0.9.1

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An updated version of Big Screen Contacts (for Vista Media Center) has just been made available.  v0.9.1.7 (Previous version was v0.9.0.6 – released on Nov 30 last year).  If you are currently using Big Screen Contacts – your existing version is due to expire sometime in the next 24-48 hours (depending on what time zone you are located in).

For those who haven’t tried this application before – Big Screen Contacts allows you to browse, view and search your Contacts via your TV (via 10′ MediaCenter interface) – and integrates with Windows Contacts provided by Windows Vista. Via Windows Contacts – you can also import contacts from Microsoft Office 2003/2007, Windows Mail and other supported programs.  Please visit the mobilewares Big Screen Contacts website for more info/screenshots. Here’s a couple of screenshots below (taken from the earlier release) –



Enhancements/Changes for v0.9.1.7

As with my Big Screen Headlines update earlier this month – this is a minor update – and released mainly to allow beta users to keep using this product after tonight. A more significant update is planned for the next release (ie. Including Edit/Create/Delete functionality for contacts – rather than ‘Read Only’ access as per current version).

Changes are as follows :

– Extended Trial Period : The new trial expiry date has been set to 15-March-2007. (Extended from Jan 30 in previous beta)

Embedded Photos Support : This version now supports/extracts photo thumbnails which have been embedded into the Contact Card (.contact file) – as opposed to the thumbnail being linked to (via file path). Previously only linked photo’s were supported.

Added Online Version Check Function :  As per other Big Screen Products – this release now has a "Version Checker" to allow you to check for new updates (from mobilewares site) – from within the Media Center UI. This new function is located in the ‘About’ screen.

Added Online Showcase Link :  Also as per other recent Big Screen Products – a link is now provided to the Mobilewares Online Showcase (an ‘Online’ MCPL Web Application which allows you to view information about other mobilewares products).

– Minor Layout Enhancements :  Some small (subtle) layout issues were fixed in the Main Menu.
There was also a few other small changes/fixes with parsing of Contacts – but not worth the mention here.
Download + Update Notes
To download this release – please visit the Big Screen Contacts Website for the new installer. 
Note that if you have a previous version – please uninstall it first – and then install this new update. As Contact data is accessed from the common Windows Contacts store (and not part of this application) – you will not lose any data inbetween versions.

Written by mobilewares

January 29, 2007 at 3:21 am

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  1. Do you know if there a reason that every few months the application expires? I’ve used it a couple of times now, a few months apart. All of the possible convenience is lost when I go to use it and find out that it has expired again. I’m sure many people appreciate that the application is updated regularly, but there may also be some who are already happy with the way it works and don’t want any more changes. These set expiration dates are a real detraction from the usefulness of the app. 


    February 7, 2007 at 12:26 am

  2. Hi – Points taken – and understand your frustrations. Just to explain – the overall aim of some of my applications is to at some point sell them commercially as ‘final’ products (and more than likely make a ‘reduced functionality’ lite version available for free).  However – while the product is in ‘beta’ – I’m happy to let users try out all the features. Hence – I can’t offer unlimited time trials as there would be no incentive for users to actually buy the full product – and also – while there are known issues/bugs – I want to ensure users upgrade when new versions are available.


    February 12, 2007 at 3:53 am

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