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FairFax Digital (ie. The Age and Sydney Morning Herald websites) has run a story this morning in the technology section "LG’s iPhone look-alike" – which was initially first published a couple of hours earlier with the title "LG’s iPhone Copycat" (well something like this – the word ‘copycat’ was definitely used – and I suspect they may have gotten a very nasty call from LG marketing department this morning).
From viewing this article – unsuspecting readers would be led to believe that Apple was the first company to introduce :
– a device that is Black.
– a device that is Slimline.
– a device that has a Touchscreen.
– a device that can play music/video and surf the net.
– a device that is an ‘innovation that is due to shake up the industry’..
– the device ‘only’ costs US$599.
Hmm… and of course the general gist of their article is LG copied them.
Luckily for this ‘journalist’ – they remain anonymous (and the source AP is credited).
Obviously this journalist missed the whole ‘pda’ thing, never used XDA’s (and other Windows Mobile Devices), Palm Pilots, Symbian devices or any of the other plethora of devices available for some time that offer superior features (and oh not to mention most early PDA’s were black and slimline). This journalist probably also believes the mobile phones advertised as **$0 are actually free. (if you dig a little deeper you’ll find that the US$599 price is conditional on you signing up for a 12-24 month US$100/month plan) – and that Apple invented Portable Music Players, MP3’s and Podcasts.
It’s one thing for Apple to generate Hype and get mainstream products out to the general public with clever advertising (full points to them for this if they can pull it off – which they do) – but when IT journalists fall hook line and sinker for this crap – you start to wonder about the credability of the publication and everything else they publish.
I begin to wonder if there’s any actual journalism going on in the other sections at Fairfax – ie are all their news stories just regurgitated press releases from the Australian and US governments? Is the majority of content there purely produced to gratify existing and potential advertisers?
I used to honestly believe in their ‘The Age‘ newspaper – and once believed it to be a good/valid source of news – but poor journalism and obvious product placement like this – puts it right in the class of the TV tabloids like ‘A Current Affair’ and ‘Today Tonight’.
The only small glimmer of hope for Fairfax Digital is that the ‘Mash-Up’ section has good blog post debunking some of the iPhone Hype/Myths – Bursting the iPhone hype bubble (published about 1 week ago on Jan 10).

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January 19, 2007 at 3:11 am

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  1. Nice find.
    My fav line is "The no-button interface with the entire phone face covered by a touch-sensitive screen… " and then the photo shows the phone has 3-4 buttons on the face!
    Wouldn’t you have more fun with it and turn the article around to say Iphone copied LG since their phone will be release some 4 months earlier?
    Since advertising pays for your media you have to expect the media to favour advertising. Its a joke, any day of the week watch a commercial news hour and then watch SBS world news and compare, 500 die in earthquake, peace talks moving ahead, nuclear bomb near completion… is not good advertising and isn’t even aired but "Paris Hilton buys a new dress in Sydney today" and we have dodgy video phone footage is the headline.


    January 19, 2007 at 4:16 am

  2. lol.. missed the bit about the buttons – this is too funny!…  I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs was also pressing a ‘home’ button down the bottom of the iPhone when he did his demo as well…
    Now I’m just waiting for The Age to lead with a ‘Is this Australia’s most dangerous suburb?’ story – and their journey will be complete.


    January 19, 2007 at 5:20 am

  3. Just some additional comments on this –
    Noticed that The Age now have the tagline ‘But Who was first?’ under the article link from their home page.. (  it also appears they may have edited/toned down the news item (will need to check my cache)..  This is about as convincing as when Naomi Robson (Today Tonight) used to air one of the typical redneck/biased stories (should XXX be allowed to become australian citizens) – and then at the end say ‘Hmmm.. so what do you think..’ (whilst nodding vigorously)…
    I was also pondering the logistics of this ‘copycat’ claim – and John as you mentioned – the LG device will be on the market some 4 months earlier than iPhone.
    Now considering that the iPhone was previewed at MacWorld less than 2 weeks ago – it seems pretty much impossible that LG could have come up with a brand new device, incorporated similar technologies and have it ready for sale by end of February. I know manufacturing is a bit faster these days – but the suggestion that this entire device was created/copied in response to Apple’s announcement is completely ludicrous any way you slice/dice it. In fact the only conclusion that I could draw is that Apple are clearly the Copycats here.


    January 20, 2007 at 12:22 am

  4. Dude – I could NOT agree with you more!! There’s a technology reporter at The Age (maybe we should call it The Aged) who is such a sad unapologetic Apple fanboy that his ‘pro mac anti win’ rhetoric is bordering on militaristic.. it transcended beyond sad and pathetic a long time ago.
    The iPhone thing is totally pathetic. It’s bad enough that the mindless sheep out there (aka consumers) will go out and buy this thing based solely on how much they like the colour of the box it comes in, but it’s tragic that supposedly educated respectable technology journos continue to write such tripe in their papers. I think the editors should be shot for allowing their publications to shovel such rubbish.


    January 21, 2007 at 9:40 pm

  5. Just like Apple always do. Claim that they were first with an idea, just like many of the features in the next version of OS X. They claim Microsoft (and others) copied them and yet for many of the features Microsoft demonstrated them 2-3 years ago, and finalised their RTM code 3 months ago and Apple still hasn’t announced a release date for their upgrade that Microsoft supposedly copied.
    The the good old reality distortion field at work that Jobs has been able to use to good effect since the early 80s.


    January 22, 2007 at 2:00 am

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