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Vista MC Hardware Compatibility at Media Center Show Forums

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Ian Dixon has just set up a new discussion forum (at the Media Center Show Forums) – which invites users to share experiences of what hardware works and doesn’t work with Vista MediaCenter.
If you are currently making the migration from MCE2005 to Vista Media Center (or planning to in the future) – it’s important to know what hardware is ‘cactus’ – as unfortunately many vendors are still selling products/peripherals which will NEVER be supported properly under Vista. (and completely concealing this fact from buyers). 
One the of the worst ‘offenders’ seems to be Creative Labs – who have pretty much dumped support for Vista on a whole stack of their popular products. For the ones they do support – they only seem to have flakey beta drivers (and most either don’t support 64bit or have issues with anything thats not basic audio out – ie no sp-dif) – and they keep missing their intended ‘release’ dates for drivers (ie quite a few drivers that were supposed to be out in mid December never appeared and now have been slated for ‘end of January’).
Although I realize these topics/issues are discussed in great length on some of the other Media Center + Vista forums around the world – it’s great to have all this in one spot – and the posting format that is starting to take shape (where a thread is opened for each device) – is a quick way to find out what you need to know. Also – there’s generally a few specific features users need for MediaCenter (which may not be an issue to general Vista users) – such as having sp-dif audio passthrough for DVD’s/HDTV.
So if you head on over to these new forums – there’s a TV Tuners subforum (mainly aimed at DVB-T compatibility) – and just added is a Soundcard/Audio forum (where hopefully people can share their SP-DIF experiences)..
Anyhow – if you have some hardware compatibility advice to share – please head on over to this forum and post your experience – and you might just save yourself /or/ someone else a whole ton of grief and wasted expense.

Written by mobilewares

January 17, 2007 at 1:42 am

Posted in Vista MediaCenter

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