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Updated: Big Screen Headlines v0.8.4

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I’ve just posted an update to Big Screen Headlines (for Vista Media Center)  on the mobilewares site – v0.8.4 (Previous version was v0.8.3 – released on Nov 30 last year). 

If you are currently using Big Screen Headlines – your existing version is due to expire sometime in the next 24-48 hours (depending on what time zone you are located in).

If you haven’t seen Big Screen Headlines before or don’t know what it is – in brief – this product allows you to browse, view and read RSS based feeds via your TV (via 10′ MediaCenter interface) – and integrates with the Subscribed Feed system provided by Vista/IE7. Please visit the mobilewares Big Screen Headlines website for more info/screenshots. Here’s a couple of screenshots below (taken from the earlier release) –




Whats New/Changed in v0.8.4
This is a minor update – not too much changed, and mainly to allow beta users to keep using this product after tonight.

Here’s a quick summary of what was changed :

– Extended Trial Period : The new trial expiry date has been set to 1-March-2007 – which will give me a chance to make any changes required for compatibility with the upcoming Consumer release of Vista (January 30). Additionally – there was some more significant architectural changes I wanted to make to this product (to fully enable all Subscribed Feed functionality on Xbox360’s) – but due to being a little busy with other work of late – I’m yet to do this.
– Playback/Status for Auto Downloaded Enclosures  :  With the new version you can now playback auto-downloaded enclosures from your local harddrive (which includes video/audio/images). This was the most frequently requested feature from end users (thanks!) – so I made sure it was included for this release. This functionality is enabled if you configure the feed (in IE7) to ‘auto download attached enclosures’. When viewing the list of articles for a feed which has this option enabled – additional icons are now displayed next to the enclosure icons which indicate the download status (complete/pending/in-progress). If you go to playback an enclosed file – it will first try to play a local version (if it has been completed) – otherwise it will revert back to using the original internet location (and will stream the content if it’s audio/video).
Fixed Image Aspect Ratio Bugs : When viewing enclosed Images in the previous version – the aspect ratio would be screwed in some cases. The new version fixes this problem (thanks to someone on Media Center Sandbox pointing out that the issue didn’t exist inside the ColorFill MCML element – can’t remember who it was sorry).
There was also a few other small changes/fixes – but didn’t bother to keep track of these.
Anyhow please head over to the Big Screen Headlines website for the new installer. If you are upgrading from a previous version – and want to retain your existing OPML files – please read the enclosed ReadMe.TXT file for more instructions. (nb: your ‘favorites’ are stored in your registry – so these will not be lost during the upgrade). 

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January 15, 2007 at 1:34 am

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  1. Avant de parcourir la partie TV de Media Center, je tiens à vous présenter l’un de mes plugins préférés : Big Screen Headlines par mobilewares. [Read More]


    February 10, 2007 at 3:36 pm

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