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I’ve just been o/s on business for a couple of days – so I’m now in the process of catching up on the email, blogsphere and news that I’ve missed.
One thing I realized this morning – was that I’ve now been blogging for exactly 60 days – and took a little bit of time out to evaluate where I’m at with this – and how the stats are going. Some interesting stats are :-
38 blog entries have now been posted.
52 ‘public’ comments have been made by readers  (I’ve also had maybe 100+ private emails from people who read my blog).
– There was 41152 ‘page views’ recorded on my blog stats (as of a few minutes ago). On this – I’m pretty confused on the reporting available on Live Spaces – and I’m not clear how this works with aggregate views etc – and how # article views are resolved when users goto the home page and get the latest 5 articles coming up.
– My Technorati rating for my blog is 290,098 (24 links from 13 blogs – the links being the way the blog gets rated) – out of a ‘alleged’ 60 million blogs. I imagine this rating will continue to rise – as in the past – most people would link to my website as opposed to my blog. (Technorati says I have 333 blog links going to for example – so this would have given me a substantially higher rating if I had initially sent people via my blog).
As you may have noticed – I’ve had a little less time to blog over the past few weeks (and have been allocating almost 100% of my brain to doing commercial projects) – so this has reduced the stats somewhat (I think I received my first 25-30 thousand views in the first 30 days of blogging). The days when I do post – I noticed around 1000-2500 page views in the 24 hours immediately following – wheras if I don’t put a new entry up – this can drop to 250-500 views per day.
I’m really enjoying the social networking aspects of Blogging – such as making a lot of new contacts+friends in the MediaCenter ‘scene’.  (and also a huge win for coming into contact with paying clients – the thing that keeps me afloat).
The transparency that also comes about from blogging, has I think helped people understand me (and my company) a lot better – so this is great win too. (for some reason many people thought mobilewares was a large company – a ‘them’ – not a one man show). Also it allows me to better communicate where I am at with the various products I work on – without having to email out announcements – or post everything to forums. The user comments as well are great and helps me better understand what end users want – and what they like/dislike about my products.
I know my topics have fluctuated between dev advice, product news, ‘Niall’ news and other things (I’m still not sure which direction I want to be going in there – but I’m feeling more comfortable with the current mix of complementary topics). I still have a million and one things I want to blog about (and providing more developer specific info is a high priority) – but of course just need to find the time to do this.
Anyhow – hope you all like what you have experienced so far with my blog – and hope to continue on in much the same direction over the next few months/years.
And a big THANKS to all of you out there for taking the time to read my blog and the amazing contribution in return – it’s been an absolute pleasure.. (and not sure why I didn’t start blogging much earlier).

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January 13, 2007 at 1:02 am

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