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Andrew and I are now Media Center ‘Community Dev Experts’

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Andrew Cherry (from Digital Living Solutions in UK) and I have both just been given the honorary role/title of ‘Windows Media Center Community Devlopment Experts‘ over on the Media Center Sandbox site. (an ‘unofficial’ Media Center developer site run by some of the guys from the Media Center platform team at Microsoft).
I’m still yet to learn what all this means/entails (other then we have both spent a bit of time over the past few months helping out other Vista Media Center developers with their questions) – but we now have the following icon being displayed next to our posts on there –


You can read the full ‘announcement’ from Charlie Owen on the Media Center Sandbox Blog (which has some more info on this and both of us)..

If you are currently developing for Vista Media Center (or just thinking about it) – I strongly encourage you to come and join us on Media Center Sandbox – and feel free to browse, ask a few questions or if you’re up to it – help answer some questions. (and on this I should mention there’s also quite a few other guys there doing a great job answering questions)..




Written by mobilewares

January 10, 2007 at 12:53 am

Posted in Vista MediaCenter

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