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Hope everyone had a great holidays – and season’s greetings to you all for 2007!
I have pretty much been working straight through the XMas/NY’s break – only taking some time out for a couple of Xmas/NY related dinner parties.  Since my last blog entry (over 2 weeks ago!) – I’ve been working on several commerical projects – where by odd chance – each new project has been signed off the same day I deliver the previous one – leaving not a lot of time for much else.
I’d dearly love to blog about what I’ve been working on (sorry – not much Big Screen TV progress to report) – however everything is under NDA  (for 3rd party clients) – so I can’t yet talk about it.  I can mention that a couple of the projects are for Media Center – one of which will hopefully be launched as an Online Spotlight experience for the Vista Consumer launch – and one of the others is a WPF app for Vista (which will also soon hopefully be available to the general public).
The WPF work has also given me a chance to play with Microsoft Expression Blend – which has made leaps and bounds in usability from the previous beta (known as Expression Interactive Designer) – however I’m still yearning for the Intellisense editing, which hasn’t yet made it’s way into the beta.
I’ve also had to work on a MCE2005 HTML based addin for one client – so my brain has slowly been reduced to putty from switching in and out of MCML, HTML, javascript,,, SQL (and then some) – and dealing with the different ways of approaching similar problems with each technology.  

I think I’m starting to really become a big fan of the MCPL architecture now – and am finding it’s been the easiest to work with out of all of the above – and I’m still undecided on whether having Visual Markup Designers (like Blend) actually improves or degrades your productivity.  (and I noticed for WPF – I still am predominently jumping into the VS2005 raw XAML editor rather then using the visual designer – when both could have been used).

I’ve learnt quite a few new tricks with MCML from this work (such as a ‘fudged’ 3D Carousel menu with lighting effects and 3d animations) – so hopefully I can get a chance to extract some of this info and put it into some MCML Snippits on this blog. I was also able to experiment with some other new UI’s – which are quite different to the standard ‘MCE like’ layouts you have seen with addins in the past.
Anyhow – better get back to it (one deadline is for tommorow!) – and hopefully I should get a chance to look at Big Screen TV again later this week (if I get some gaps in my schedule).

Written by mobilewares

January 2, 2007 at 5:05 am

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  1. You are a crazy coding machine. Do you have any plans on making an archived DVD playing app (like My Movies), or possibly adding this feature into Big Screen TV? My Movies is great, but it seems plagued with bugs and who knows how long before it is UI compatible with Vista.


    January 2, 2007 at 1:50 pm

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