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A good friend of mine (that I’ve known since high school) – Dylan Perry from Momentum Animations – dropped around last night for some laps of Ridge Racer on the 360. 
Dylan, and his wife Rachael have been running a 3D animation company for a few years now – and after initially starting out on TV commercials and Music Videos – they have since produced a couple of their own shows.
One of which is ‘Petey & Jaydee Go Exploring’– which comprises of 45 second episodes – where two micro sized aliens ‘Petey + Jaydee’ arrive on earth and ‘discover’ various human appliances such as toasters, microwaves, shavers etc. By the end of each episode – one of the aliens always gets killed/diced up by the appliance (and of course miraculously appears again in the next episode). Petey + Jaydee has enjoyed some success around the world – and has been popular on 3G mobiles and on TV. (and its short runtime and lack of actual spoken dialog makes it work in universally). There’s I think 6 series now of this show (with 13 episodes a piece) – with each one featuring the aliens in a different location (ie Series 1 was the kitchen, Series 2 the Bathroom… and the last couple being themed – ie World Cup, Christmas etc)..
Dylan mentioned that he’d put up a ‘special’ Christmas music video on You Tube for Petey & Jaydee – which contains a lot of footage from the Christmas series – a funky Xmas remix tune (sung in P/J gibberish) – and is actually a lot longer then a standard episode (its about 3-4 minutes). This is somewhat of a rare treat – as you normally have to be on the right tv network/mobile network to be able to see their shows. Unfortunately the YouTube compression does it’s nasty work on the video quality so thats a small price to pay (as it actually looks pretty stunning when it’s at full DVD or HD quality).
So anyhow – if you have a moment – go check it out on YouTube! (and you can also see a couple of other clips by them from another Show ‘Dragonslayer Junior’).  If you like it – you can also visit their new Online Store – and buy a copy of the DVD – or some t-shirts/caps etc.. (and there’s a few episodes for internet download there too).
Here’s a couple of pics of Peter and Jaydee –


Something that also might be of interest with this – is that they use a 3d program called Animation Master (from Hash Inc.) to do almost everything you see (except for some of the final fancy stuff done with Adobe AfterEffects). Animation Master is distinct in that – it only costs US$299 for the full product – as opposed to $1000’s (or $10,000’s) you would pay for some of the rival products. (3D Studio, Maya etc).. So this makes it totally in reach for a lot more people – and smaller companies/developers who want to create high end 3d graphics. I think there’s a demo version available on their site – so if you’re into this sort of thing – give it a shot. (and I believe there’s a strong/active community of end users and enthusiasts for AM to help you along).



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December 14, 2006 at 9:56 am

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