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Using Wix 3.0 for Vista Media Center Installers..

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Aaron Stebner has posted some really useful information on his blog for those looking at using Wix 3.0 (and Votive) to build Vista Media Center compliant .MSI Setup packages. (and is useful both for those wishing to start out with Wix – and those who have previously used Wix 2.0).
If you’re now building applications for Vista – you may have noticed that the Setup/Deploymenbt wizard in VS2005 no longer cuts the mustard – so Wix is a godsend..
I’ve been using Wix 2.0 for a little while now (and have used it to build setup packages for the past 4 Media Center apps I’ve released). After struggling to get started initially – Aaron released some sample Wix 2.0 scripts for a Media Center addin (the Q application) – and I have used this as the basis of all my installers since. I’m now really keen to try the new 3.0 features out – and the Votive addin (mentioned in Aarons post) makes it quite a bit easier – and allows you to use Visual Studio to trigger (via the Build Solution function) and edit your Wix builds (via use of XSD schemas in the Visual Studio editor).
I’d probably need a whole night to list all the articles on Aaron’s blog relating to MSI building – however – start with the one above – and work your way backwards. There’s quite a goldmine of information there – and covers lots of the more tricky issues – such as working with 64 bit installers/registry, .NET v3 dependancy issues just to name a few. You can also see his work/samples in the Media Center SDK (he wrote the sample Wix 2.0 scripts supplied with the Q and the Z samples) – and again are invaluable for gettings started.

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December 13, 2006 at 7:33 am

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