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A Big, Big Announcement coming for WPF 3D???

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Ok – the suspense really is killing me..  A bunch of guys from the WPF team have hinted that something VERY BIG is going to be announced – imminently about WPF 3D (Windows Presentation Foundation).
This is from Daniel Lehenbauer’s Blog (the main guy who wrote the guts behind WPF 3D) :
If you’re watching the WPF blogs you might be seeing hints that something incredibly important is going to be announced tomorrow afternoon on the WPF 3D Team blog.  This is possibly the most exciting announcement related to the 3D features in the WPF since…  well, since we’ve announced WPF was going to have 3D features!

Trust me, you DO NOT want to miss this.  Subscibe to the WPF 3D Team blog now!  (RSS, Atom)

(I am really worried I haven’t built the surprise up enough. 🙂

I’m going to take a punt on what it is… (don’t go starting any roumors now – this is just speculation)..

a) I think it’s  an announcement that the cool 3D functionality from DX10 will be directly supported (ie reflections, shaders, shadows, bump mapping etc etc). Currently in WPF 3D – a ‘DX7 like’ feature set is being supported – so this would really be huge.

b) Another guess (if the above is wrong) – is that a whole additional swag of WPF 3D functionality is going to be opened up specifically for WPF/E.

c) and a ‘just in case’ guess. Microsoft are going to announce they are releasing a new tool in the Expression Suite that is focused on 3D (ie something like Zam3D but done with the same rendering technology) – and maybe even works with XNA as well..?

and then again I might be completely wrong…

The announcement might be already out by the time you read this – so try the links above.


<EDIT time="the next day">

Ok well I was totally wrong on all three guesses (bummer)!… 

The announcement actually was… (drumroll) …  that they have now made it possible to properly use the standard 2d controls in 3d scenes (ie you can have a textbox or slider displayed inside a 3D scene – such as wrapping it around a sphere – and it now responds to all the input methods like keyboard/mouse etc). In the past – you had to do some fancy 3d hittests etc (and write callback handlers) – in order to do anything like this (so this new ‘feature’ saves a whole stack of code/pain if you are using 3D).

What’s nice about this announcement is that the have done it using the same core engine – and just extended some of the existing Viewport3D classes (which shows off just how extensible WPF is).  Anyhow – go check the links above to read all about it..

Although this is all very cool stuff – I can’t help feel the anti-climax – and think they overhyped it just a little too much. (and I was expecting something a little Bigger)..





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December 13, 2006 at 6:25 am

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