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Updated: Big Screen Headlines – RSS/Blog/Podcasts on Vista Media Center

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An updated version of Big Screen Headlines v0.8.3 has just been released – as the previous Beta expired today.

If you haven’t used this product before – this program is a RSS News, Blog, Podcast, VideoCast and Photocast reader for Vista Media Center (and translates content on the fly so it can be viewed on your Television screen).



There’s a couple of small enhancements/fixes for v0.8.3 –

 – Trial Period Extended until 15 Jan, 2007.
 – Fixed Problems with loading of new Video Items (when existing Video Item was already playing).
 – Fixed some formatting issues.
 – Included External Links in About screen for mobilewares Online Showcase (coming soon)
 – Included External Links in About screen for Online Version Checker (do live checks to see if updates are available!)
I’m also working on some other more major changes – (but they weren’t quite ready to go into this version yet).

[Notes: For those of you that have already installed the previous version – v8.2]
  • Please backup any .OPML files you have changed/added in the Big Screen Headlines Data Directory prior to uninstalling previous version. – this will be in the path   (ProgramDataAllUsersmobilewaresBig Screen Headlines.)
  • User "Favorites" will be retained in between versions (no need to backup if you installing/uninstalling).
Some more screenshots below -/- (see the Big Screen Headlines Homepage and click on ‘Screenshots’)..



Written by mobilewares

November 30, 2006 at 12:43 am

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