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Off-Topic: U2 at Telstra Dome (Melbourne)

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My wife (Marcia) and I, and 60,000+ other fans – caught the final U2 concert last night, from the Australian leg of their Vertigo World Tour. We were pretty lucky to be there – as Marcia actually won the tickets on a radio SMS competition (MMM Melbourne) – and the concerts had been all sold out within a few hours. (well there’s no such thing as a free lunch – as winners were allocated ‘missions’ they had to complete = and hers was dressing up as a leprechaun, and running around her workplace whilst singing a U2 song.)
U2 is a band I’ve grown up with – and I hadn’t seen them live since I was a kid, when they toured with BB King (just after Rattle+Hum was released). I always remember U2 as being the best concert I ever went to back then – and I gotta say this one was even better, and they haven’t slowed down at all (even though I’m sure these guys must be getting pretty old). The original set lasted just over an hour before they were saying their initial goodbyes – however they came back out and performed another 7-8 songs as their encore – so the crowd got their fix.
It all ended on a bit of a weird note – with a dazed and confused The "Edge" saying ‘Goodnight Sydney‘ to the crowd (who promptly booed in response) – and then realizing his mistake, reeled off a few other Aus/NZ cities (more booing) until he remembered he was in Melbourne!



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November 20, 2006 at 1:24 pm

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