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MediaCenter SDK (RTM) is now Live!

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The RTM version of the Media Center SDK for Windows Vista has just been released – grab it now from this link
Also just released as a seperate download is the Media Center Markup Language Preview Tool Launcher Powertoy (now thats a mouthfull!) – which can be used to fine tune your MCMLPad launch parameters.
There’s a bunch of new goodies for developers – and I’m still scanning the docs for new/changed content from RC2 (but have found quite a bit so far!)..
One of the real highlights from the SDK is the new end-to-end MCPL sample – "Z" (See Screenshot below) – or check out the detailed post on Media Center Sandbox. I’m sure this sample is going to be a great help to developers starting out – and even shows you how to use .NETv3’s WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) to do some of the behind the scenes downloading. The sample was put together by a Microsoft in conjunction with Method (a design firm from San Francisco).

I’m sure there’s a lot more in the new SDK (I wish SDK Docs worked like Blog Readers where you can easily find out whats new by tracking read/unread status and marking new content in bold in the TOC). However one thing I noticed was an absence of XBAP samples/source (apart from some sample/info in the Help file).

I’m still downloading my Vista RTM (installed the new SDK on RC2 release) – so hopefully can give this a full workout over the next few days.

Anyhow – give it a try – and now there’s just no excuse not to start building great MCE applications..

Well done again to the guys at the Media Center team – its been quite a week!







Written by mobilewares

November 18, 2006 at 1:08 am

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