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Preview: MCE Customizer for Vista

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Olcay Buyan (MCEDev) let me have a play with a ‘preview version’ of the new version of MCE Customizer for Vista Media Center.  The original MCE Customizer has been a really popular/useful addin for MCE2005 – and the great news is this one looks even better!
Olcay also made headlines last week when he won the Microsoft Germany Live Gadgets contest (with a Gadget for MCE2005+VistaMC which allows you to browse a mini EPG and schedule recordings). Way to go Olcay!!…
If you haven’t used Customizer before – its basically a tool that allows you to tweak various registry settings that can control the finer points of your Media Center experience. There’s also a few other tricks this tool can do too (such as performing a EPG Guide reset).
The new version is written in MCML + C# – so as you might expect contains a really nice + well integrated User Interface – that has the same styling as the Vista Media Center shell.
One of the really cool features of this new version – is that the list of available tweaks/settings can be completely customized via an external .XML file – so that means you can actually add/remove tweaks as they are found (and make them appear in the UI). I think Olcay is also planning to have some form of Web based update too (where you can update the XML settings file from the internet as newer ones are made)..
The public release of this is coming soon  – however here’s a few screenshots to wet your appetite (captured from a preview version running on my Vista RC2 machine) :


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November 14, 2006 at 12:41 am

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