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MCML Snippits : Vista MC Style Gel Button

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Unfortunately this post has been removed due to substantial and blatant abuses of copyright by other members of the community – and a complete unwillingness of those people to ‘pay it forward’. (including but not limited to ‘claiming of ownership/copyright by other prominent members of the community’).
As per before – the code/sample previously found in this blog post / development article is (C) and is strictly not to be directly used/stolen by other 3rd parties (commercial or not) – and was only ever made available for the purpose of teaching other developers how to better use/develop the platform. (and if you still have access to this code – this copyright is still in full force).
Note that freeware/shareware/donationware/prototypes and other distribution models (or ‘usages’) are not exempt from this copyright either (IP theft still equals IP theft – regardless of the ‘price tag’ attatched or ‘availability’).
If you have misused this original blog post/materials contained within – and are unsure how to rectify this situation – please contact me to discuss via the messaging system provided by this blog. (ie. honesty is the best policy – and I’m not planning to throw the book at someone who is reaching out and trying to do the right thing.)

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November 11, 2006 at 1:04 pm

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  1. Thanks for the great sample and explanation. I am very new at this so any help is greatly appreciated. I have 2 questions:
    1) I still cannot get my events to work. The button showed up (I am using the More.. button) but I do not get any event. I have a very weak understanding of Command and Invoke and cannot find a good explanation of it in the SDK. Can you please elaborate on how the events work with this control.
    2) How did you get a rounded image to show on a background with graphics. All the round buttons I created shows the white space around them. The SDK suggested Masking 2 images but I don’t see this in your code yet it still works.


    March 24, 2007 at 12:02 pm

  2. Hi – to answer your questions above –
    1) To capture the ‘click’ event – you will need to create a <Command> object in the parent UI – and pass it in to the Gel Button UI. In your parent UI’s rules section – you can then catch that Command’s ‘Invoked’ <Changed> event – and run a set of actions based on it being raised. To see a simple example of this ‘Invoked’ event in action (and how to pass a Command to a child UI) – please look at the ‘Sound|PlaySoundAction’ sample in the ‘MCMLSampler’ that comes with the SDK.
    2) You neeed to create an Image which has a transparent background (which should be a 24bit PNG format) – and then you will be able to see the content behind the button (rather than a rectangular white background). I don’t think you can create this using Windows Paint (but might be wrong) – however a good freeware product that can do this is Paint!.Net (sorry don’t have the link available – but if you google you will find it).


    March 26, 2007 at 9:32 am

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